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Generation Alpha

Movers and Shakers of Tomorrow


My first grandchild, Kaleb, was born mid-July. I wonder about his future.

According to an Internet article from MoneyTalksNews called “Things Babies Born in 2011 Will Never Know” combined with an article in the Huffington Post titled “You’re Out: 20 Things That Become Obsolete This Decade” my beautiful Kaleb will never know “video tape, travel agents, separation of work and home, books, magazines and newspapers, movie rental stores, watches,  paper maps, wired phones, long-distance, newspaper classifieds, dial-up Internet, encyclopedias, forgotten friends, forgotten anything else, the evening news, CDs, film cameras, the yellow and white pages, catalogs, fax machines” and so much more.

He’s of a new generation. Not Gen X, Gen Y or even Gen Z. He’s Generation Alpha, otherwise know as Gen A. One that will use technology unlike I have ever thought of. Can’t imagine. Can’t fathom. One that will be the most educated ever. One that begins learning earlier than past generations and continues to learn longer than any before them, according to researchers and sociologists.

My grandson’s parents know technology. They are hooked to their iPhones and iPads and text messaging. When my daughter, Sarah, was giving birth, she was texting my other daughter, Jennifer, from the delivery room.  Now, who would have thought of that 20 years ago? But even they will be behind the times if they don’t keep up with the changing world around them.

I can’t fathom what my grandson will know that I don’t know. I can’t fathom a life without the things I am familiar with. But if there is any truth to these two articles, which I believe there is, in fact already am already seeing signs of, our lives and livelihoods are going to change drastically within 10 years and we all must jump on the technology bandwagon, learn and try new things, explore, comprehend, and run with it.

We must know things our parents don’t know. We must learn things that we may not want to. We must grow, change, progress. Digging our heels in today won’t work. Like it or not, we must enthusiastically join in thought with the new generation, my grandson’s generation, or we will be left behind in a dust trail of things familiar.

Welcome to the world Kaleb. I already know you will be my teacher, leading me out of the baby boomer mindset into new realms of discovery and all things fascinating.

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