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Evil Lurking in Cook Inlet: 'Raven's Cove'


Yes, evil is lurking in Cook Inlet. Specifically it's lurking in Ravens Cove, a small community in Cook Inlet. Don't know where that community is? Actually it's a fictional location as well as a book of the same name by Mary Ann Poll and released by Publication Consultants.

It involves murders most foul, an unwelcome FBI agent and the stranger whose "dark past and knowledge of the murders makes him a suspect." It's everything a mystery reader would want-and not only is it Alaskan, it's local as well.

In addition to being a good read, Ravens Cove: An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery is one of the growing number of quality books of Alaska fiction written by Alaskans. Over the past two decades Alaska fiction has bloomed with authors like John Straley, Ann Henry and Dana Stabenow to name a few.

Alaskana fiction has come of age and it is doing more than selling; it is attracting a following Outside. Ravens Cove: An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery is an expansion of our literary frontier. It mixes local lore with the supernatural with history within an established genre. It gives new meaning to the term unique.

Ravens Cove: An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery is available everywhere good books are sold.

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