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Walker Supporters Turn To Berkowitz for Delivery on All-Alaska Line Progress


Anchorage, AK - Democratic candidate for Governor, Ethan Berkowitz, made the following statement after Bill Walker's announcement that he will not run in November's General Election:

"Bill and I have had a good relationship over the years, and we both share a passion for seeing the All-Alaska line turned into a reality, for the benefit of all Alaskans with all Alaskan jobs and energy for our markets. As I have said before,  I'd be honored to have Bill Walker be part of my cabinet and have a very prominent role in negotiating the gas line."

"Bill Walker's supporters know that Sean Parnell supported the $500 million bailout for TransCanada/Exxon that all Alaskans are paying for. That is Sean's idea of  the 'All-Alaska line' and he is sticking with it.

"I support the real 'All-Alaska Line', but I want individual Alaskans to have a chance to buy a piece of the pipe, as I unveiled several weeks ago. I am the only candidate that supports a free market driven, privately owned 'All-Alaska Line', a gas line partially owned by individual Alaskans through their own private markets decisions.

"Today Bill summed up the frustration in Alaska well when he said, 'There is a rising tide of Alaskans who are fed up with business as usual and the politics of study, delay and deceit.'

"To the Alaskans who supported Bill Walker in the August Primary, and who still support the All-Alaska gas line, I remind them: they have a home in the Ethan Berkowitz campaign. Our campaign is growing, our message is resonating, and our platform of returning the rightful ownership of Alaska's resource and decision-making to individual Alaskans, are goals and dreams for a stronger Alaska that I share with Bill Walker."

Jon Blair
Campaign Manager
Ethan Berkowitz and Diane Benson
Paid for by:  Energize Alaska
PO Box 91365 - Anchorage, Alaska 99509
907-563-8426 / 56Ethan
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