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UAF Extension Publishes Barley Recipe Sheets


Fairbanks, Alaska–The University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service has published new recipe sheets with 13 recipes using hulless barley flour.

The recipes were developed in Extension’s food product development kitchen in Fairbanks and funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Kate Idzorek, Extension food research technician, said the purpose of the grant was to help develop a demand for Alaska hulless barley, which has a distinct, nutty flavor. The hulless barley is not truly without a hull but is called hulless because this type of barley requires little or no processing to remove the hull.

Idzorek said the early-maturing hulless barley has a higher nutritional content than the processed hulled varieties such as pearled barley. It is also low in gluten.

Alaska hulless varieties include Thual and Sunshine, a variety developed by the UAF Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station and released in January 2009.

Idzorek worked with Kristy Long, Extension’s foods specialist, to develop recipes for cornbread, brownies, banana bread, pancakes, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, honey crackers, muffins, noodles, tart crust and barley soup. Each recipe includes nutrition information. The recipes were developed for hulless barley flour, but regular barley flour may be substituted. Alaska-grown barley may be purchased through some specialty or local food stores.

The recipe sheets may be downloaded from www.uaf.edu/ces/pubs. Search for barley on the site or the publication numbers, FNH-00400-FNH-00412.
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