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Treadwell's Statement on Governor's OCS Lawsuit


Anchorage, AK – Mead Treadwell today released the following statement in response to Governor Parnell’s announcement that Alaska will file suit to challenge the federal offshore drilling moratorium:

“This lawsuit is a wakeup call to Alaskans and it represents a clear difference between Governor Parnell and his challenger in the general election, Ethan Berkowitz. Berkowitz worked to get this administration in place – the same administration that’s making every effort to block development, slow our economy and deprive Alaskans of much needed jobs. Alaskan voters should not support that agenda with their vote on November 2.

“Today the governor announced he’s suing the federal government for unlawfully placing a moratorium on Alaska’s offshore drilling. The governor has no allegiances to the people in charge in Washington and he’s not afraid to stand up for Alaska’s jobs and families. That’s the kind of leadership Alaska needs now more than ever.

“Earlier this year, I called on President Obama to fill up our pipeline. That requires access to NPR-A, to offshore drilling, and ultimately to ANWR. Instead, the administration has killed nearly 800 Alaskan jobs by declaring a moratorium on offshore oil development.

“Alaskans are realists. We want to prevent spills and improve spill prevention and response technology, but we also know that a federal moratorium in Alaska ignores the huge potential of the Arctic. Five other nations are moving ahead with offshore exploration in the Arctic region. We should be leading the effort to develop oil safely, not falling behind.

“The Parnell administration will stand up to the federal government every time it seeks to limit resource development, limit our freedoms or limit opportunities for Alaskans.”
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