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St. Elias Specialty Hospital 2nd Annual Patient Reunion, Walkway to Wellness


Anchorage, AK.  September 9, 2010    St. Elias Specialty Hospital is hosting its 2nd annual patient reunion Saturday, October 2nd from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m.  It's a time for patients who call themselves medical miracles to be reunited with each other, staff and the physicians who saw them through the path of wellness.

The event, which includes testimonials by former patients, staff and family members, will also be a time for the patients to talk about how they have woven themselves back into the community.  Many of the patients, such as Kathy Arnold, say "St. Elias gave me my life back, I did not expect to walk out of the hospital, but I did.  Now I have a reason to not only fight for my own health but to help others fight for wellness as well." 

St. Elias opened its doors in December 2006 and was built to fill a void for patients who, in the past, were sent outside for the type of medically complex care that was not provided in the state.  Now, with this facility, patients can stay in Alaska with their loved ones nearby and recover close to home.  They have the advantage of continued contact with their family members, physicians, clergy and community. 

St. Elias welcomes all friends and members of the Press to celebrate this time with the patients and staff.  It is also a celebration of the new Path of Wellness, which has been built to honor the lives of all patients and families who have been touched at St Elias.

St. Elias is a Joint Commission Accredited and Medicare Certified Hospital and is the first and only of its type in the state of Alaska. It has 60 beds, more than 169 staff members and board certified physicians who meet with the patients on a daily baisis.

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