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Senator Meyer Draws Attention to FASD in Alaska


(ANCHORAGE) – Alaska State Senator Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage) will read the Governor’s State Proclamation on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness (FASD) Day tomorrow, September 9th at the Anchorage Loussac Library at 9:00 am.  Senator Meyer introduced and passed a Senate concurrent resolution on the same subject during the last legislative session.

FASD Awareness Day is observed internationally on September 9th and bells are rung at 9:09 a.m. in every time zone from Alaska to New Zealand.  This is done to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking during the nine months of pregnancy and the plight of individuals and families who struggle with FASD.

Alaska has on one of the highest rates of FASD in the nation.  It is estimated that 15.8 births per 1,000 in Alaska are affected by disabilities resulting from prenatal exposure to alcohol.  In Anchorage, a community of three-feet-high wooden stick figures representing Alaskans diagnosed with FASD will be on display at the Loussac Library on the 36th Avenue side. 

FASD is a condition caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol which can result in permanent brain damage, birth defects, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and most tragically, the loss of individual potential.  FASD is completely preventable.

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