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Scott McAdams Stands Up for Alaska’s Working Families and Creating Jobs


After spending years of commercial fishing all around Alaska, Scott McAdams knows what it means to do a hard day's work. As the father of three, he understands the challenges Alaska families face making ends meet. Scott has always been focused on bringing new ideas to the table to help Alaska families and communities. Nowhere are new ideas needed more than building an economy for Alaska's future. As U.S. Senator, Scott will fight for Alaska families, not corporate special interests. He will champion tax and economic reforms to stop outsourcing, off-shoring and free-trading away American jobs.

Building an Economy for Alaska's Future Stop Exporting American Jobs Over the last decade, the United States has shed more than 5 million manufacturing jobs, half of which can be attributed directly to our trade deficit with China. By one estimate, about one-fourth of all U.S. jobs are susceptible to outsourcing within the next 10 to 20 years. Scott will fight to end tax loopholes and tax breaks that encourage sending U.S. jobs overseas. Scott will:

  • End corporate tax loopholes for job outsourcing and off-shoring,
  • Prohibit states from outsourcing contracts using federal funds,
  • Repeal tax breaks for companies that locate jobs overseas or shut down plants in the U.S., and
  • Impose an excise tax on any customer service call originating in the U.S. that is then handed off to someone working in a foreign call center.
Develop Alaska's Natural Resources Alaska is blessed with abundant natural resources that when responsibly developed can fuel our economy and create jobs for decades. Scott will bring new ideas and approaches to develop Alaska's natural resources. Scott will:

  • Reignite efforts to open ANWR to drilling by dedicating revenues to a Renewable Energy Permanent Fund for America,
  • Responsibly develop Alaska's offshore oil and gas resources,
  • Secure federal support for the Alaska Natural Gasline,
  • Support a new wave of renewable energy deployment and technology, and
  • Champion safe, sustainable development of Alaska's rich mineral deposits.
Support Alaska Small Business Owners Small businesses are the engine of America's economy. In Alaska, small businesses create more jobs than any other sector - good jobs based in our communities, not overseas. Alaska small businesses face unique challenges and hurdles and need champion in the U.S. Senate. Scott will:

  • Repeal the 1099 reporting burden created in the health care reform bill,
  • Expand the Small Business Enterprise Credit for small business start-up costs from $5,000 to $10,000,
  • Increase credit available to small businesses through expanded Small Business Administration loan programs, including new microloan programs in Alaska to help the smallest businesses get ahead,
  • Allow start-up small and medium-sized manufacturers to write off 100% of the cost of capital equipment purchased for the manufacturing process in the first year instead of depreciating it over a period of years,
  • Encourage more small businesses exports by reforming the Small Business Administration's trade and export finance programs and freeing up export capital, and
  • Create new energy programs to help business owners reduce their energy bills and invest in job creation.
Unleash Alaska's Ingenuity to Create New Jobs and Markets
Alaskans have always shown great ingenuity. Scott believes we can do more to tap into Alaskans' creativity to grow our economy, develop new products, and create jobs. Scott also believes the best way to ignite our economy is by helping working families build their wealth and have the economic freedom to start their own businesses. Scott will:

  • Support Alaska entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into jobs by fast-tracking U.S. patent approval. In order jump-start the patent process, Scott supports an immediate funding boost for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to remove the backlog of pending patents and speed up bringing new ideas to market,
  • Boost the Research and Development tax credit to help American entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market and add a bonus tax credit for those who commit to developing and producing their products in America,
  • Bring new resources to Alaska to ensure every community and household has access to broadband internet,
  • Simplify and increase the College Tax Credit to $5,000 to help ensure Alaska students can afford to attend college and gain the skills needed to start new businesses in today's global marketplace, and
  • Support a continuation of tax cuts for middle class American families, those making less than $250,000 a year. This benefits 98 percent of Americans.
Help Alaska Seniors and Veterans Move Into New Job Markets Scott believes we must support Alaska seniors that have seen their retirement accounts plummet during today's economic crisis. Seniors who never planned to go back to work are now forced back into the job market. Scott also believes we must honor the service of America's veterans and ensure the thousands of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan can quickly transition into the civilian job force. To support our veterans and seniors, Scott will:

  • Launch new worker re-training programs that focus on helping seniors enter growing job markets,
  • Honor America's commitment to its seniors by protecting Social Security from those who want to privatize it or invest it in the stock market. Last year, Social Security paid $907 million to Alaskans, with an average monthly benefit of $1,100,
  • Expand federal support for programs like Helmets to Hardhats that train returning soldiers for Alaska's job markets, and
  • Demand the federal government enforces federal contracting requirements that state that private companies doing business with the federal government must set aside business for veterans.
Paid for by Scott McAdams for US Senate • PO Box 200569 • Anchorage, AK 99520 • info@scottmcadams.org · 907.297.2575

Visit our offices in Anchorage (2604 Fairbanks St) - Fairbanks (845 College Road) - Juneau (175 South Franklin, Room 310)
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