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Representative Kawasaki Calls for Greater Attention to Funds for Fairbanks at District Cost Factor Education Task Force


Fairbanks - Representative Scott Kawasaki will join other state legislators at the District Cost Factor Education Task Force in Anchorage. The task force meeting is scheduled for this Friday, September 17th from 11:30 AM till 2:00 PM. Rep. Kawasaki is the only local Fairbanks legislators assigned to the task force.

"I am the sole interior member of the District Cost Factors Task Force." Kawasaki said. "I look forward to a fruitful dialogue regarding the high cost of deliver in Bush Alaska and Fairbanks."

The District Cost Factor Task Force was established in 2009, for the purpose of examining school district cost differentials and creating a valid and durable model. The cost differentials have been a recurring policy issue for the current funding formula.  Prior to the establishment of the Task Force, studies and models caused controversy for lack relevance for statewide acceptance or for provided inadequate information for all school districts.  The cost to provide adequate public education for children living in the state varies significantly among geographic areas of the state. Accurately measuring relative cost differences is integral to equitable funding for education across geographic areas and is a main goal of the Task Force.

"In Fairbanks and rural Alaska a disproportionate amount of dollars are spent on basic heating and electricity." Kawasaki said, "It must be taken into account in the cost of educating a student."

Kawasaki suggested that fuel and energy costs be funded separately from pupil funding to boost the actual dollars to directly to classrooms and students.

While in Anchorage, Rep. Kawasaki will attend the Higher Education Scholarship Funding Task Force to examine the scholarship opportunities for Alaska college students.

The District Cost Factor Education Task Force will be held in Anchorage, on September 17th from 11:30 AM till 2:00 PM. For additional information in regards to Rep. Scott Kawasaki schedule, please contact Brodie Anderson at 907-456-7423.
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