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Rep. Young Introduces Bill To Establish Regulatory Review


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young introduced H.R. 6223, the Congressional Office of Regulatory Analysis (CORA) and Sunset Review Act, yesterday evening.  This legislation would establish a non-partisan Congressional body which reviews all major regulations as well as establish an automatic sunset review date for new federal regulations.  

"Our lives are ruled by regulatory law," said Rep. Young.  "There are over 160,000 pages of regulations on the books right now.  In 2009, regulations enacted by the Bush and Obama Administrations cost the American taxpayer over $13 billion and in a 2008 study, the Small Business Administration estimated that the annual cost to enforce existing regulations at $1.75 trillion!  

"These regulations are implemented not by elected officials, but by bureaucrats and once they are enacted there is no review process for them.  Even if they become outdated, they remain on the books at a cost to taxpayers.  My bill makes it simple and transparent.  If the regulation being reviewed is worthwhile, renew it.  If the rule fails its sunset review, it should be terminated.  Let's not waste another taxpayer dime restricting our freedoms!"  

More information on this legislation may be found at http://thomas.loc.gov/
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