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McAdams Outlines Plan to Build A Strong Economy for Alaska’s Future


Highlights Ideas to Stop Outsourcing and Create New Jobs

At a press conference in Fairbanks, Scott McAdams put new ideas on the table to build an Alaska economy for the future that creates jobs throughout the state and puts Alaska families first, not corporations sending jobs overseas.

McAdams highlight five key strategies to strengthen the Alaska economy: 1) responsible development of Alaska's natural resources, 2) expansion of renewable energy projects, 3) enhanced support of Alaska's small businesses, 4) ending corporate tax loopholes that send American jobs overseas, and 5) help Alaska seniors and veterans move into new job markets.

"Alaska is blessed with tremendous natural and human resources," said McAdams. "We need to develop those resources to build an economy for the future, one that will create jobs for today and for our children entering the job market in the coming decades."

McAdams also highlighted the need to end corporate tax loopholes that send American jobs overseas and increases the tax burden on working Alaska families.

"We need to keep jobs here in Alaska, not send them to China or India," said McAdams. "We need to stop outsourcing, offshoring and free-trading away good jobs."

Just one example McAdams cited was a contract by the State of Alaska that offshored a food stamp administration in 2005. McAdams plan would direct states to stop offshoring services using federal money.

McAdams cited ANWR, offshore oil and gas, minerals and an Alaska gas pipeline as his resource development priorities. However he noted that Alaska has an abundance of renewable resources that could be used to recharge the economy and decrease the cost of energy in rural Alaska.

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