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Mayor Sullivan: We will implement efficiencies


Time is right to streamline payroll, accounts payable, other functions 9/24/2010 | Contact: Sarah Erkmann (907) 343-7103
Mayor's Office


ANCHORAGE- In an effort to find efficiencies within local government, Mayor Dan Sullivan and Chief Fiscal Officer Lucinda Mahoney announced today a major effort to reengineer several of the Municipality of Anchorage’s (MOA) administrative functions.

According to Mahoney, the MOA lags behind several national standards when it comes to costs to process an invoice; the number of invoices processed per full-time employee; costs to process each payroll check; and other functions. For example, the nationally established average cost to process an invoice is $5; the MOA’s cost currently stands at $60. Mahoney also concluded that the MOA grant process is slow-moving and relies far too heavily on paper-intensive processes.

Mahoney says these numbers indicate the time is right to find efficiencies in these areas. “Now we know what we’re dealing with and can take positive action to change it,” said Mahoney. “We have a lot of room for improvement and I am confident that we are up to the task of turning these numbers around and becoming a much more efficient operation.”

Mahoney and her staff dedicated hours to looking at each department’s payroll and other administrative functions by conducting “time in motion” studies; comparing data to national benchmarks; and developing plans for new, more efficient processes. At the direction of the mayor, Mahoney and MOA staff will move toward the ultimate goal of creating a paperless environment and consolidating currently scattered services into one streamlined department.

On the positive side, Mahoney’s decision last year to direct deposit employees’ paychecks has resulted in the MOA earning a “world class” designation for percent of payroll using such a service.

“Lucinda and her team work very hard to identify ways that we as a municipality can save time and money by doing things smarter,” said Mayor Dan Sullivan. “We’ve been working at finding efficiencies since day one, and this data gives us clear direction on steps we can implement immediately.”

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