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Lisa Murkowski to run a write-in campaign


By Dan Fagan, Publisher
The Alaska Standard

Just as Frank and Lisa Murkowski put their own interests ahead of the nation's eight years ago with nepotism, Lisa will once again put political ambition ahead of love for country.

Your television screen will reveal to you something very important today. At five today Sen. Lisa Murkowski will announce live that she is running as a write-in candidate after losing her Republican Primary bid for senate.

The thing to look for is those who will be standing behind her. The Murkowski camp has been sending out invitations to legislators and other key supporters requesting they come down to the Anchorage Convention Center this evening at five and stand behind Murkowski to show support.

Take a close look at those standing behind Murkowski. You will be looking into the eyes of establishment Republicans desperately trying to hold onto our country's big government, special interest ways.  The Murkowski live news conference will reveal to us those in the party who probably never were conservatives.

It will reveal to us those in the party who don't quite get the fact that we are broke. We are out of money and the pork they so desperately want Murkowski to bring to Alaska will be paid for by our kids since every dollar the feds spend now is either borrowed or printed.

The folks standing behind Murkowski cannot seem to grasp the immorality of leaving our children with a debt so heavy, big, and overwhelming it will surely mean a quality of life much inferior to the one we live today. 

The folks standing behind Murkowski today on your TV screen at five don't understand there is a movement rising up made up of folks who say enough is enough when it comes to big government. This movement is sweeping the nation and Alaska and will prevail in November.

Most Alaskans and Americans understand our country is spending itself into oblivion and unless we begin to show fiscal discipline, our nation is heading toward a cliff.

Watch closely tonight at five on your TV screen and you will see folks standing behind Lisa Murkowski who are on the wrong side of history.

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