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House Majority E-News for Sept 24, 2010 ANS Crude: $74.69 Henry Hub: $3.95


Hawker Urges Governor and AG to Ensure State Defense of Navigable Waters in Wake of Recent Yukon Event

(Anchorage) - House Finance Committee Co-Chair Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage, today asked the governor and attorney general to ensure the defense of our state's navigable waters, and to question the conduct of the National Park Service's recent actions on the Yukon River. NPS Rangers last week arrested a 70-year old Central man following what has been described as a "routine safety inspection."

Rep. Hawker asks in his letter that the attorney general and governor to honor the will of the legislature in passing House Concurrent Resolution 10, to ensure that all navigable waterways, such as the Yukon River, are defended and to call into question the actions of federal agents on state waters. Hawker's HCR 10, which passed the legislature last session, urges the governor to pursue all available legal actions to enforce our jurisdiction over navigable waters and allocate adequate resources to defend and advocate for the state's right to manage the public use on these waters.

"ANILCA specifically granted the state oversight and authority on navigable waters, and this federal incursion in the Yukon Charley Preserve is a blatant attack on our sovereignty. The governor and attorney general must quickly find a legal solution to this problem, which has finally boiled over into harassment of an Alaskan, on a boat, in Alaskan waters by federal agents who by law have no right to engage him for simply being in his boat."

The full text of this release and related documents can be found below: http://www.housemajority.org/item.php?id=item20100924-807
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