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FreedomWorks Backs Joe Miller


Anchorage, Alaska. September 23, 2010 -- Joe Miller, candidate for US Senate, picked up the endorsement of FreedomWorks. The group is dedicated to bringing lower taxes, less government and greater freedom to the American people. FreedomWorks PAC Chairman Dick Armey observed, "Joe Miller is the clear choice for true conservatives in this election. He has enough common sense to recognize that a nation cannot tax its way to growth, or spend its way to prosperity. We need to support candidates like Joe who will hold the line on spending and make job creation and fixing the economy the top priority."

The endorsement adds, "Miller is also a signer of the Contract FROM America, an authentic grassroots document created by the people, for the people, expressing what a majority of Americans want for their future. After garnering nearly half a million votes in less than two months, the Contract was whittled down to ten core ideas which advocate fundamental tax reform, fiscal responsibility and limited government. Joe Miller opposes all encroachments on individual freedom, including ObamaCare, job-killing cap and trade energy regulation, and all unnecessary tax hikes."  

Miller responded, "I'm deeply appreciative of FreedomWorks' endorsement and its willingness to work with our campaign towards victory this November. The mission of the organization is directly in line with our core message of the need to return to limited government. Dick Armey was a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution and one of the top leaders that orchestrated the Republican Revolution of 1994. He has been a consistent voice calling for restoring American government to its proper bounds. My highest goal, if elected to the US Senate, is to be part of the solution of putting our nation back on a prosperous path and free from massive deficits.

Paid for by Joe Miller for U.S. Senate
401 Northern Lights, Suite 202 Anchorage, AK 99503
Anchorage: 907-929-9563
Fairbanks: 907-452-8559

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