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Berkowitz Use of PFD To Build Gasline Could Cost Alaska Nearly 2,000 Jobs


Parnell-Treadwell campaign analysis shows potential loss of $300 million in income

Anchorage, AK - The Berkowitz-Benson idea to use PFD dollars to build a gasline could cost Alaska 2,000 jobs and reduce personal income by $300 million. That's according to an analysis of economic impact based on a recent report from the Institute of Social and Economic Research, which notes that, "the 2009 dividend added about $900 million in purchasing power to the economy...roughly equivalent to the total wages of state government or the retail trade sector." That same report, published in July of this year, estimates the total economic impact of the dividend check at "10,000 jobs, 15 to 20 thousand additional residents...and $1.5 billion in additional personal income."

Berkowitz told the Associated Press in late August that, "if we have about 20% of Alaskans participate in this proposal, which is what our projections would be, we'll see the cumulative effect of about $800 million in investment." His Website notes that individual investment in the pipe via the Permanent Fund would raise nearly $1 billion over a six year period.

"Ethan's ideas might make for great campaign fodder," said Governor Sean Parnell. "But Alaskans deserve the facts about how our economy will be impacted by a candidate's policy proposals. The real fact is that Alaskans are not willing to trade their permanent fund dividend checks and 2,000 Alaskan jobs for the potential return on a pipeline project without a buyer, seller, shipper, or concrete plan."

The Parnell-Treadwell campaign's assumptions were based on the amount of the dividend and number of recipients being similar to 2009. Earlier today, Governor Parnell announced that eligible Alaskans' Permanent Fund Dividend checks will total $1,281 each, about $24 less than last year. About $822 million will be distributed this year, according to the governor's office.

"Alaskans need the experience, leadership, vision, and values that Sean Parnell and Mead Treadwell have in spades," said Michelle Toohey. "I know Governor Parnell will consider every possible option when it comes to allowing Alaskans to invest in a pipeline without putting our jobs at risk in the process."

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