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BOEM Hurricane Intensifies - Moving From Anchorage to Houston


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Michael Bromwich - BOEM Director (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEM) Director Michael R. Bromwich (NGP Photo) 

1.  Today.  Like a force of nature disrupting jobs, family plans, state affairs and the national economy, Obama's furies fly 3,269 miles from Anchorage to Houston: ETA 9-7-10.*  

2.  Yesterday,  a reader provided detailed GTL commentary, EIA tests US knowledge of Canadian imports, Governor Sean Parnell attacks Challenger Berkowitz's populist gas pipeline ownership scheme. 

3.  Monday, readers saw another tribute to Senator Ted Stevens, peeked at Canadian airship and Cook Inlet gas prospects--and reviewed a "Great Alaska Pipeline, Inc." campaign proposal.  *   *   *

Note to esteemed readers:  Last week one of you wrote that since we deal with so many omnibus energy issues we should change the name of our webpage to, "Northern Gas Pipelines and National Energy Policy".  The idea has merit since we've always held that American and Canadian energy policies all have impact on Northern Gas Pipeline development.  A gas pipeline thread interconnects today's postings to our NGP focus.   So we'll consider the suggestion but believe our original name continues to be relevant.  -dh  

*While readers know we take pleasure in pursuing a poetic license from time to time, our commitment to honesty compells us to observe that the BOEM team probably didn't fly directly to Houston and probably did go back to D.C. for more internal strategy meetings.  After all, who would have expected several hundred concerned citizens, mayors and legislators to show up with the Governor's official representative?   What does this growing concern and outrage portend for BOEM's Houston meeting?  -dh

Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines
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