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Alaska State Chamber of Commerce E-News - Sept. 3


Alaska State Chamber Fall Conference and
Business Trade Show

Alaska + Business = Economy "Back to the Basics"

Centennial Hall & Juneau Arts Center
Juneau, Alaska
September 20-22, 2010

Our 51st Annual Fall Conference and Business Trade Show are scheduled for September 20-22, 2010 in Juneau at Centennial Hall and the Juneau Arts Center.  The Annual Fall Conference and Business Trade Show will feature timely topics important to the future of Alaska business.


Empower your organization by attending one of our Training Workshops.  Choose the track that best fits your needs.  We will also have a workshop for Executive Directors of chambers of commerce presented by Renee Sinclair from the US Chamber of Commerce.  Workshop Flyer


Register for the fall conference here.  Travel pricing includes incentives for travel on Alaska Airlines as well as special rates for accommodations at the Westmark Baranof Hotel; for discount codes and reservation numbers view the Conference Flyer.  Please contact Shelly Tammen at info@alaskachamber.com or (907) 586-2010 regarding registration and payment questions.

Your participation in the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce organization enhances our ability to promote a positive environment for Alaska businesses.

Business Trade Show

Our trade show is an exceptional opportunity to promote your products and services to business leaders and key lawmakers from across Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Northwest.  For information about trade show booth packages and registration prices, view the Trade Show Flyer.  Registration ends September17! Register for the trade show here.  Please contact Cheryl Eluska at celuska@alaskachamber.com or (907) 278-2727 with questions regarding the trade show.  Only 14 booths left.


We are proud to receive the support of the following businesses for our 51st Annual Fall Conference and Business Trade Show:  ACS, AT&T, Alaska Municipal League, Alaskan Brewing Company, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Canadian Consulate, ConocoPhillips, Denali Drilling, Inc., ExxonMobil, Goldbelt, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Juneau Chamber of Commerce, Petro Marine Services, Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Princesses Cruises and Tours, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, Wells Fargo and  the Yukon Chamber of Commerce.

For information on available sponsorships and sponsorship benefits, view the Sponsorship Flyer.  Please contact Cheryl Eluska at celuska@alaskachamber.com or (907) 278-2727 for more information regarding sponsorships.

State Chamber Rural Outreach Trip to Sitka September 23rd

This year the State Chamber will be traveling to Sitka, Alaska for its rural outreach trip on September 23.  Some very special places on earth seem to be forged for the curious and adventurous souls who demand diversity and grandeur in their travels.  Those who venture for out-of-the-ordinary, majestic and lush places, Sitka proudly beckons.  For the seekers of treasures, natural, cultural and historical, Sitka is that treasure island.

With views of island-studded waters and stately spruce forests reaching to the water's edge, Sitka is considered Alaska's most beautiful seaside town.  Yet Sitka's hallmark is its tenure and devotion to a culturally diverse past.  In a young state whose history is filled with tales of boomtowns and ghost towns, Sitka has the distinctive character of a place that has been settled for thousands of years.  These ancient lands, home to the Tlingit Indians, celebrated their life and culture long before Russians or Americans walked on the rocky shores and today Tlingit living culture is deeply rooted in this small seaside city.

State Chamber members will tour Sitka, learn about the Sitka economy and meet with local chamber members, city staff and elected officials.  For more details on the trip and itinerary, click here to see the trip agenda.  If you are planning on participating, please e-mail Cheryl Eluska  at celuska@alaskachamber.com.  This will help our hosts in Sitka appropriately prepare for transportation and meals during our visit to Sitka.

Sixth Annual Patton Boggs
Government Contracting Conference

Presented by
Patton Boggs LLP, C2 North LLC, the National 8(a) Association, KPMG LLP,
and the Institute for ANC Director Education®


September 30 - October 1, 2010
Hilton Hotel
Anchorage, Alaska



Board Members, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, General Managers, Business Development Specialists, Contract Compliance Officers and Specialists, Program Managers, and General Counsel, including anyone involved in managing, directing or supervising government contracts of companies engaged in Government Contracting.


To better address the needs of a diverse audience, the conference will be organized into two distinct tracks with break out sessions in each track:
  • Track 1: Fundamentals and core concepts associated with covered topics
  • Track 2: Advanced issues and in-depth analysis of the topics
  • SBA's 8(a) rule-making and recent changes in practice at SBA
  • Mandatory Disclosure, False Claims Act and Compliance
  • Dealing with new reporting and disclosure requirements, including subcontract and executive compensation reporting, FAPIIS, and more
  • Special Labor Issues Impacting Government Contractors, including Service Contract Act, Project Labor Agreements, eVerify, and Whistleblower considerations
  • Investigations and Audits (Internal and External)
  • Protests, Claims and Contract Disputes
  • Corporate Governance and Structure for ANCs, Holding Companies and 8(a) subsidiaries


Conference Fee will be $495, and includes breakfast and lunch both days. Group and
other discounts are available; call or go to the event website for more details.

EVENT WEBSITE - http://www.pattonboggs.com/2010akgovtcontracts/

Hotel Information

Great Room Rate! $99 + tax. (single or double occupancy)

Be sure to mention "Patton Boggs' Conference" when making your reservations.

Hilton Anchorage Hotel

500 West Third Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska, United States 99501 | Tel: 1-907-272-7411

For more information about the conference, please contact

Christen Richardson at 907-263-6333 or crichardson@pattonboggs.com

Best Beginnings
Alaska's Early Childhood Investment
Science reveals mysteries of the brain

By Abbe Hensley

We keep saying early learning is everybody's business. That's a lot more than a mere slogan. There's a significant body of scientific research that tells us how the brain develops and why the earliest experiences are such powerful influences on who and what a child becomes in later years.

If today's baby eventually drops out of school, flirts with crime or just gets by on public assistance, we all pay. If that same child grows instead into a healthy and productive adult, we all benefit.

Decades of neuroscience and behavioral research explain the powerful influences that push a child in one direction or the other. Understanding those influences means we can do something about them.

The science of brain development tells us five key concepts:

. Brains are built over time, from the bottom up. That means you have to start at the beginning, with a really sturdy infrastructure. That sturdy infrastructure consists of positive, stimulating, and nurturing experiences.

. The developing brain is shaped by the interactive influences of genes and experience. Interaction is a key word here because children learn by a process called "serve and return," a constant back-and-forth with parents and other caregivers.

. The brain's capacity for changes declines with age. Young brains have a phenomenal capacity for learning - new neural connections form at the rate of 700 per second. Old dogs can learn new tricks, but it's much easier for puppies.

. Cognitive, emotional, and social capacities are inextricably intertwined throughout life. Learning is much more than just knowing things. Emotional and social development occur right along with cognition and are at least as important.

. Toxic stress in early childhood can lead to life-long problems in learning, behavior, and physical and mental health. "Toxic stress" refers to unrelenting stress in early childhood, such as extreme poverty, repeated abuse, or severe maternal depression. Toxic stress has a devastating impact on the developing brain.

These science-based concepts pave a clear path forward. The knowledge gives us phenomenal opportunities to grow new generations of healthy, productive Alaskans. We have everything to gain.

Abbe Hensley is Executive Director of Best Beginnings, a public private partnership that mobilizes people and resources to ensure all Alaska children begin school ready to succeed.


Alaska Journal of Commerce
now accepting nominations for the
Alaska Top Forty Under 40 awards

Sponsored by the Alaska Journal of Commerce, the awards recognize the state's top young professionals younger than age 40 who have demonstrated professional excellence and a commitment to their community.

Criteria for Selection:
  • must be younger than age 40 on January 1, 2011
  • must live and work in Alaska year-round
  • must have demonstrated professional excellence in their field
  • must display a commitment to the community

Find nomination forms at http://www.alaskajournal.com/SplashPages/Top40/index.shtml.

Simply download the form, fill it out, and e-mail it as an attachment to editor@alaskajournal.com.

An event to honor those selected is set for March 2011.

For questions, contact:
Melissa Campbell
Managing Editor
Alaska Journal of Commerce

(907) 275-2158

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