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2010 Region 10 Subcontractor of the Year


Earlier this year, TTT Environmental Instruments and Supplies of Anchorage was selected by the Small Business Adminstration (SBA) as the 2010 Region X Subcontractor of the Year. The SBA wrote in a notification letter to Deborah Tompkins, president and owner, "Your hard work, innovative ideas and dedication to community have helped you succeed. The SBA is pleased to be able to recognize achievements and your role in driving our nation's economic growth."

Deborah Tompkins founded TTT Environmental, a woman-owned small business as a home-based business in 2002, specializing in environmental instrument rentals, sales, services and samplings supplies.  Since that time, TTT Environmental's combination of service and willingness to meet unusual project needs while maintaining competitive pricing has made it a preferred subcontractor for field-equipment rentals and field supplies purchases, according to Jacobs Engineering, the nominating prime contractor.

TTT Environmental's capabilities have made it an integral part of the success of prime contractor, Jacobs Engineering, especially in environmental remediation projects in remote locations in Alaska.  Most of Jacobs' project sites are accessible primarily by air, sometimes only by chartered flights, and short field seasons are further compressed by delays in funding. 

These factors place a premium on TTT Environmental's ability to mobilize quickly and deploy fully functional field equipment and instruments.  The failure of any of these devices to work in the field could lead to several days of down time while waiting for a replacement.  Jacobs Engineering says that TTT has the best record of any of its instrument suppliers when it comes to providing equipment in a pinch and in good operating condition. 

Some of the instruments and products that TTT provides include: controllers, photoionization detectors, meters and pumps, turbidimeters, colorimeters, spectrophotometers, eye wash stations, hand augers, satellite phones, GPSs, handheld radios, water level meters, field test kits, calibration equipment, and ground water sampling filters.

Ms. Deborah Tompkins
TTT Environmental, LLC
4201 B Street
Anchorage, AK  99503-5910
(907) 770-9041
E-Mail:  info@tttenviro.com

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