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Sen. Begich Pushes President on Gas Line


Begich urges Obama to discuss Alaska natural gas pipeline with Canadian Prime Minister

In a letter to President Barack Obama Sept. 14, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich urges the president to put the Alaska natural gas pipeline project on the agenda when Obama meets with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Wednesday at the White House. 

Sen. Begich in his letter tells the president the project would create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs for Americans and Canadians, while supplying American homes and factories with an affordable, reliable source of clean-burning energy for decades.

"The Alaska natural gas pipeline is the single project which can have the greatest positive economic impact on both countries at a time when the U.S. and Canadian economies sorely need it," Begich says in his letter. "About 750 miles of that pipeline would be laid in Alaska and more than 1,000 miles in Canada, with additional pipeline expansion possible to move the fuel around U.S. markets. Field work and community outreach already has been conducted in Canada to lay the groundwork for the project."

Sen. Begich has discussed the Alaska natural gas pipeline with President Obama on several occasions when the two have met. The president has put the pipeline on his list of top green projects for the country.

"This project also makes a significant statement about our nation's willingness to decrease its production of greenhouse gases while reducing our reliance on foreign sources of energy," Begich said. "Clean burning natural gas will be an important bridge fuel for the next half century or more, as we position the United States as a leader in creating the technology for a clean energy economy."

In releasing the letter today, Sen. Begich said the meeting between Obama and Harper is a unique opportunity to put the Alaska project front and center on the international stage.

"The Alaska gas line has significant implications for Americans and Canadians. The Wednesday meeting is an excellent opportunity for these two leaders to elevate its importance and show strong support for an accelerated development timetable," Begich said.

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