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Rep. Young Joins Call for Public Review of Health Care Bill


Washington, d.c. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young has signed on to H.Res. 721, a bipartisan resolution declaring that Members and the public should have 30 days to review the final health care reform bill, in hard copy and online, before it goes to a vote on the House floor.

"One of the biggest issues we have run into time and time again under this Speaker is having bills pushed through to a vote right after they are introduced," said Rep. Young.  "How are we supposed to make informed decisions if we are only given a few hours to read thousands of pages of legislation?  And furthermore, where is the public input?  Our constituents expect us to know what we are voting on and to represent their interests as best we can; neither of those are possible with the way this current majority is operating.  Both the bailout and the stimulus bills were made public at the last possible minute, which was an incredibly irresponsible decision by our Speaker.  The health care of the American public is not something to mess around with; the final bill needs to have input from Members of both sides of the aisle and our constituents."
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