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National Preparedness Event in Anchorage Saturday


ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska Mill and Feed urges local residents to take the necessary steps to prepare themselves and their loved ones in a National Preparedness Month event. A recent study was just released that showing more than 273 million Americans are not prepared in case of emergency.

Alaska Mill and Feed created this event to ask residents of the Anchorage area if they have proper supplies in case of an emergency; and if so, are they truly ready to go in case of an emergency?  Because when it comes down to it is having a plan that's "good enough" really good enough?  

September is national preparedness month.  Americans are urged to take the necessary steps to prepare now before it is too late.

WHAT:  A "Prep Party" at Alaska Mill & Feed designed to increase awareness, as well as encourage all Alaskans, individuals, families and businesses to take action and prepare for emergencies.

WHEN:  Saturday, September 26 from Noon to 4 p.m.
WHERE: Alaska Mill & Feed, 1501 East 1st Avenue, Anchorage

MORE INFO:  This event is sponsored by Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions. Ice-Qubes make emergency preparedness easy, inspired by the groundswell term, ICE for In Case of Emergency.   Ice-Qubes are cubes filled with rescue, survival, first aid, hygiene and comfort supplies to keep you and your loved ones as prepared as possible in case of emergency or just in case.  Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions has created several free emergency planners for families and individuals, free annual reminders to help people remember to check on their emergency supplies, and a free monthly newsletter with tips and news about emergency preparedness. Online visitors can access all of these free materials at the Ice-Qube Web site: www.ice-qube.com

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