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Bear Creek Winery Wind Turbine Installation


Alaskan Wind Industries will be installing a Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine at the highly popular Bear Creek Winery in Homer Alaska, allowing them to use green energy to make their great tasting local wine.  Bill and Dorothy Fry have been wanting to do green energy for a very long time and now as the new technologies have come to fruition they can finally have their dream. This wind turbine is going to be sitting 60ft high on a monopole looking over Homer Alaska.  Each wind turbine is named by the homeowner or business for maintenance and for identification with manufacture. This turbine will be erected on September 19th, 2009 and will be hooked up to the grid and producing the USDA & 30% Tax Rebate from the Federal Government to reduce the years in payoff.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor completely support this turbine installation and has written letters of their support along with an agenda for upcoming renewable energy projects.  The Homer City Council also just changed their regulations to allow wind turbines up to 170ft tall in city limits With the wind on the Homer area superb for residential wind power, most of the businesses and residents along the bluff are moving in the same direction.

The Kenai Peninsula Association for Renewable Energy has also encouraged this installation and support the new clean energy in our community! They have attended the erection of the many wind turbines and will be there Homer Winery installs and connects to the Electric Grid.

This project and many more like theirs have all been tested and studied to make sure the wind in their area will support this type of wind technology through Alaskan Wind Industries. AKWI has spent many hours with each homeowner & business going over technical data, wind research, payoff schematics, FAA regulations and more to help the owner place and install their new wind turbine.
AKWI will be installing over 30 of these wind turbines in the Kenai Peninsula in the next few months with over 60 projected by the end of the 2009 fiscal year.

If interested in reporting on this event we have many pictures, videos and more of the entire installation. Please contact us at 907-776-7664 or www.akwindindustries.com.

energy that same day. These small business owners will be receiving a a 25% business grant from the
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