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Welcome to the Top 49ers 2017: Elements of Enterprise


Alaska’s economy often is a reflection of the commodity that runs throughout nearly every aspect of the state’s financial success. Crude oil is composed of an assortment of elements that join together to form volatile, complex molecular structures. Also at times equally volatile and complex, our state is driven by a stunning array of companies, resources, and industries, each of which represents the various elements of enterprise that keep Alaska running strong: innovation, flexibility, strength, and perseverance, to name just a few. And we cannot forget the human element that drives the success of every business: a strong workforce composed of individuals with a vested interest in helping their company rise to the top and their communities thrive. 

In this special annual issue of Alaska Business, we again honor the Top 49ers—forty-nine unique companies that are 51 percent Alaskan-owned, ranked by gross revenue. For the past three decades Alaska Business has had the honor of proudly presenting the Alaskan companies that help form the basis of our lives in Alaska through the jobs they generate, the goods and services they produce, the revenue they earn, and an array of other, intangible elements that help make each enterprise a success in its own right. 

For the 2017 Top 49ers rankings, each company provided 2016 gross revenue figures for a combined total of $14.4 billion, a decrease from 2015 gross revenues reported last year, but still a  great accomplishment considering the uphill battles many companies continue to face in this lower-for-longer oil price environment.

This year we welcome four new companies to the Top 49ers: Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Cape Fox Corporation, New Horizons Telecom, and Tanadgusix Corporation, each of which possesses the elements of enterprise required for entry into this esteemed group of Alaskan companies. To see where your company landed on this year’s list, be sure to check out the Top 49ers Special Section that includes employment figures, gross revenue, industry distribution, a five-year snapshot of rank and revenue, and much more.

Thank you to every company that took the time to submit this vital data to Alaska Business, allowing us to again present the Top 49 companies that are the embodiment of successful enterprise in Alaska. And, of course, thank you to everyone here at Alaska Business who worked so hard to make this special issue possible. 

Also in the October issue we feature profiles of four of the Top 49er companies, each of which gives us an inside look at the particular set of elements that have helped them find success. Finally, we present the “Arctic Outlook—One Year Later” in which our Top 49ers give us insight into how their plans for the changing Arctic environment have evolved over the past twelve months. 

We hope you enjoy this jam-packed issue as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

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