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Top 49ers Executive Summary

Visions for the Arctic


For many years Alaska’s North Slope has been the end of the road, both literally and figuratively. As the northern sea ice melts possibilities for transportation and additional Artic resource development only grow, and building up those industries creates potential for a wide range of economic development. Alaska is rich with companies that have developed what infrastructure and industry already exists, and that expertise and history in Alaska’s Arctic will only be a boon to the state and the country as the world develops new visions for the Arctic.

And who better to envision that future than Alaska Business Monthly’s Top 49ers, businesses that have proven it can be done, and it can be done well, and it can be done responsibly.

This year the Top 49ers have reported gross revenues of $14.8 billion, a slight drop from last year’s $15 billion. In total, they employ 72,639 people, and approximately one third of that workforce, 22,271 employees, are Alaskans. Both worldwide and Alaska employee figures have also trended down this year, with 3,680 less Alaska jobs reported.

Looking north, there’s no company more fitting to come in at Number 1 than Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, which reports 2015 revenue of $2.5 billion, accounting for nearly 17 percent of the total $14.8 billion revenue. Arctic Slope Regional Corporation employs nearly 10,000 people worldwide, including 3,696 Alaskans.


Alaska Native Corporations

Consistent with years past, the Last Frontier’s Alaska Native Corporations comprise the bulk of the Top 49ers list, with twenty-one Regional and Urban corporations accounting for approximately 75 percent of the total Top 49ers revenue. Collectively they report $11,057,726,561, approximately $18 million less than 2014 reported revenues. They employ 15,316 Alaskans, in total 62,455 people worldwide. We’re glad to welcome back Bethel Native Corporation and Tyonek Native Corporation, which had been counted among the 49ers previously in 2013.



Alaska’s transportation industry continues trucking on, with three companies reporting $1.1 billion in 2015 revenue, a slight drop from last year’s $1.3 billion; however, Ravn Alaska has graduated from the Top 49ers. Not counting Ravn Alaska’s revenue last year brings the total to approximately $1.1 billion, which indicates steady revenue as opposed to a dip. In total Lynden, Inc., PenAir, and Tatonduk Outfitters Ltd. employ 3,653, of which 1,634 are Alaskans.


Industrial Services

Over the course of the last year Alaska Industrial Hardware graduated from the Top 49ers, and so this year five companies reported 2015 revenues of $675 million, about 4.5 percent of the Top 49ers total. The majority of this workforce is in Alaska, with 1,196 of their worldwide total of 1,573 employees being Alaskans.


Construction & Engineering

This year the Construction & Engineering group overtook the utilities, reporting $577 million in 2015 gross revenues. Alaska Business Monthly is excited to welcome Great Northwest, Delta Constructors, and PND Engineers, all brand new to our group of Top 49ers. We’re glad to have you, and we look forward to seeing you next year. All together the group of seven companies employs 642 Alaskans and 1,087 people worldwide.



The members of the utility group remain steady, reporting gross revenues of $455 million for 2015. The utilities represented here have nearly a 100 percent Alaskan workforce, with 624 of their 627 employees in state.


Retail/Wholesale Trade

The Retail and Wholesale Trade group of companies is unchanged from last year, comprised of Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Center, Seekins Ford Lincoln, Inc., and Three Bears Alaska, Inc. This group’s revenue has increased from 2014’s $327 million, reporting $334 million for 2015. Their number of Alaska Jobs has dipped slightly, with 687 Alaskan employees reported this year versus 695 in 2015. All total, worldwide, they employ 739.


Financial Services

Next up is Financial Services, which also report increased revenue from 2014 to 2015, with 2015 gross revenues of $256 million. This group of three also reports an increased number of jobs, reporting 1,387 Alaskan and 1,404 worldwide employees last year and 1,409 Alaskan and 1,426 worldwide employees this year.



Healthcare is one of Alaska’s growing industries, and this is reflected in Geneva Woods Pharmacy, Inc.’s reported revenue of $106 million, a 110 percent increase from their 2014 revenue of $95 million. They have also increased their personnel numbers, employing 242 Alaskans and 558 people worldwide this year.


Telecom & Technology

For 2015 revenue MTA, Inc. reports $99 million, slightly up from 2014’s $97 million; the company’s all Alaskan workforce increased over the last year from 299 employees to 339.



The Top 49ers mining industry continues to be represented by Usibelli, which saw a slight dip in revenue, reporting $86 million for 2015, down from 2014’s $97 million. The company also saw a reduction in its workforce. Last year Usibelli reported 160 Alaskan jobs, 195 worldwide; this year they report a 100 percent Alaskan workforce of 112.



Rounding out the list is Energy, represented by Vitus Energy, which report 2015 gross revenues of $63 million, down from the company’s 2014 report of $69 million; however, the company has increased its Alaska jobs offering, employing 70 people this year over last year’s 57 personnel.


For their continuing work and dedication to Alaska, no matter the challenges, we are honored to present the 2016 Top 49ers, Alaskan companies finding New Frontiers in the Last Frontier.


This article first appeared in the October 2016 print edition of Alaska Business Monthly.

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