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Top 49ers Executive Summary


On September 1, Google’s logo went through another revolution. If a company like Google, whose name has become so engrained in our every day functions that it’s been a verb for years, feels the need to review, rethink, and revise its logo, it only underscores the importance of marketing and branding in today’s business world.

Alaska Business Monthly is honored again this year to use our platform as a media entity writing about business for business to celebrate the Top 49ers—Alaska’s owned, operated, and branded companies. For the companies ranked here, home is where the headquarters are, and marketing in the state is a way of telling family, friends, neighbors, and communities that the Top 49ers are here to provide what Alaska needs. These companies have raced to the Top (49ers), and they intend to stay.

This year’s economic drivers reported for 2014 gross revenues a collective $15.04 billion, employing 73,509 people worldwide, of which 26,750 are fellow Alaskans. While gross revenues are approximately $200 million less than the $15.25 billion reported for last year, worldwide employment remains about the same from last year’s 73,556 and Alaska employment increased by 1.03 percent from 25,951, meaning the Top 49ers provided approximately 800 more jobs in the state.

Arctic economic engine Arctic Slope Regional Corporation is again driving the list at Number 1, reporting $2.66 billion for 2014, accounting for 17 percent of the Top 49ers 2014 gross revenues. This is an approximate 1.1 percent increase over 2014, when the company reported $2.52 billion. Arctic Slope Regional Corporation employs 11,115 around the world and has created job opportunities for 4,988 Alaskans.


Alaska Native Corporations

Again this year, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation is only the first of many Alaska Native owned and operated companies that top the Top 49ers. Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, Bristol Bay Native Corporation, NANA Regional Corporation, Inc., and Chenega Corporation are four of the top five companies. These illustrious organizations are joined by sixteen other regional and village corporations in 2015. As a sector, Alaska Native Businesses reported $11.08 billion in gross revenue for 2014, up 1 percent from 2013 gross revenue figures of $10.97 billion. They employ a total of 18,542 in Alaska and 62,596 worldwide.

This year we welcome back The Kuskokwim Corporation, last seen in the 2010 Top 49ers with reported gross revenue of $89 million. The Kuskokwim Corporation manages more than 950,000 acres of land that comprises ten villages: Lower Kalskag, Upper Kalskag, Aniak, Chuathbaluk, Napaimute, Crooked Creek, Georgetown, Red Devil, Sleetmute, and Stony River. The Kuskokwim Corporation reported $73.12 million in gross revenue for 2014, coming in at rank 39.



Transportation is still going strong in our 663,268-square-mile-state, which is no surprise considering how much ground, air, and water there is to cover. Just four companies make up this sector of the Top 49ers but they report a collective $1.29 billion in 2014 gross revenues, an increase from 2013 when they reported $1.25 billion. While Lynden continued to lead the group, ranked at Number 4 this year, all four transportation companies moved up in the ranks, and each company reported higher gross revenue than last year. All together they provide jobs for 3,898 employees worldwide, and of those 2,410, or about 62 percent, are in Alaska.


Industrial Services

The Industrial Services sector also reported higher gross revenues, an increase of 1.21 percent from $635 million reported in 2014 to $767 million reported this year. Cruz Companies was particularly successful this year, rising from Number 28 to Number 17, increasing their gross revenue from $116 million reported in 2014 to $191 million reported for this year. Cruz Companies employ 361 people in Alaska and a total of 685 worldwide. As a sector, our six Industrial Services companies employ more than 2,000 around the world and approximately 1,500 in Alaska.



Alaska’s Utilities work endlessly to keep the lights on wherever Alaskan’s have work—or play—to do. The Utilities in the Top 49ers have a 100 percent Alaskan workforce, employing 627 people across the state among the three utilities, a figure which remains steady from last year to this year. All together they report 2014 gross revenues of $489 million, a decrease from 2013’s $502 million.


Construction & Engineering

Next around the bend, reporting $408 million for 2014, are the Construction and Engineering companies, which have been combined into one sector this year. Davis Constructors and Engineers leads with reported 2014 gross revenues of $136 million, a decrease from the previous $164 million, and moved down one in the ranks to 22. Last year, these five construction and engineering companies reported gross revenues of $477 million for 2013; they reported $408 million for 2014, down $69 million, which is a 17 percent drop; however, employment numbers increased 13 percent from 716 last year to 812 this year, 65 percent in Alaska.


Retail/Wholesale Trade

The Retail and Wholesale Trade sector also saw gross revenues increase from 2013 to 2014, rising from $289 million to $327 million, respectively. The sector is populated by the same three companies: Three Bears Alaska, Inc., Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Center, and Seekins Ford Lincoln, Inc., each of which reported an increase in gross revenue. In particular, Three Bears Alaska jumped from $136 million in 2013 to $161 million for 2014. Three Bears Alaska is the only company with employees outside of the state, as its largest store is located in Butte, Montana. The companies, in total, employ 738 people out of state and 695 in Alaska.


Financial Services

Again for this year the Financial Services sector is comprised of three companies; however, Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union returns to the Top 49ers. Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union was created from various credit unions in 1997; it provides personal, business, home loan, investment, insurance, and other financial services. Denali Alaskan reports 2014 gross revenues of $49 million, a fitting figure for the Top 49er ranked number 49. Congratulations!

In total, the Financial Services sector reports 2014 gross revenues of $237 million. This sector’s workforce is also primarily centered in-state, as 98 percent of its 1,404 worldwide employees are located in Alaska.


Telecom, Mining, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy

On our list this year there is one company each to the Healthcare, Telecom, Mining, Manufacturing, and Energy sectors.

The Telecommunications representative is MTA, Inc., which employs a 299-strong all-Alaskan workforce. MTA reports 2014 gross revenues of $97.1 million, a slight dip from 2013’s $99 million figure.

Usibelli Coal Mine employs 195 people around the world, with 160 of those jobs in Alaska, employment figures that are slightly less than 2014 at 210 and 175, respectively. Usibelli’s gross revenues also dropped slightly from $103 million in 2013 to $97 million in 2014.

Geneva Woods is our Healthcare sector for 2015, and reports a significant increase in its gross revenues. While it reported 2013 gross revenues of $60 million, for 2014 that figure has climbed to $95 million. Geneva Woods, ranked 45 last year, raced up to the Number 33 spot.

The Manufacturing sector is represented by Builders Choice, Inc., which has been rising since it joined the Top 49ers ranks in 2013. Initially at 45, it is now Number 37, reporting 2014 gross revenues of $86 million. The company has 300 employees, of which 220 are located in Alaska.

Vitus Energy, which only began operations in 2011, was a new Top 49er in 2014, and we’re pleased to see the company here again. Vitus Energy has 57 employees, all of which are located in Alaska. The company reported that their 2014 gross revenues were $69 million.


Whether the Top 49ers are rising up, rebranding, or steadily cruising, they all contribute immeasurably to building Alaska’s economy and community. With headquarters across the state and employees across the world, Alaska Business Monthly’s Top 49ers are definitely making a name for themselves.



Top 49ers of the New Millennium

In this new millennium there have been 102 Top 49ers, which are by definition 51 percent Alaskan-owned. Many of those companies are off and on again with fluctuating gross revenues; some are so successful they disappear from the ranks through mergers and acquisitions with other Top 49ers or Outside firms. Still others remain successful companies, but the Top 49ers bottom line has grown so much they no longer make the cut-off or decide not to disclose annual gross revenues for internal reasons.

Some Top 49ers move off the list after they go public and the balance is tipped when the stockholder majority shifts out of Alaska. Others, like Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (absent from the list this year) expand their business out of state and those out of state endeavors become so successful that member ownership is greater outside of Alaska. While we hate to lose any Top 49er from our list, it’s hard to be anything but optimistic when Alaska businesses reach such levels of success.

Below is a list of previous Top 49ers from this new millennium and the last year they were a Top 49er—for those that still qualify, we hope to see you next year:

  • Alaska USA Federal Credit Union—2014
  • The Wilson Agency—2014
  • Bethel Native Corporation—2013
  • Carlile Transportation Systems—2013
  • Neeser Construction, Inc.—2013
  • The Eyak Corporation—2013
  • Tyonek Native Corporation—2013
  • USTravel—2013
  • Golden Valley Electric Association—2012
  • Alcan Electrical and Engineering, Inc.—2011
  • The Superior Group—2011
  • UNIT Company—2011
  • Alaska Interstate Construction LLC—2010
  • Cape Fox Corporation—2010
  • Peak Oilfield Services Company—2010
  • Northrim BanCorp, Inc.—2009
  • Central Peninsula General Hospital—2008
  • Great Northwest, Inc. —2008
  • Ken Brady Construction, Inc. —2008
  • Spinnel Homes, Inc.—2007
  • Veco Alaska, Inc.—2007
  • Fairbanks Memorial Hospital/Denali Center—2006
  • Furniture Enterprises of Alaska—2006
  • Northern Air Cargo, Inc.—2006
  • Gene’s Chrysler—2005
  • Kenai Chrysler Center—2005
  • Morrison Auto Group, Inc. —2005
  • Northern Sales Company of Alaska, Inc.—2005
  • Ribelin Lowell Alaska USA Insurance Brokers, Inc.—2005
  • A&M RV Center—2004
  • Prudential Jack White/Vista Real Estate—2004
  • Alaska Electric Light and Power—2003
  • Aurora Power Resources—2003
  • Brady and Company, Inc.—2003
  • Denali State Bank—2003
  • Klukwan, Inc.—2003
  • Alaska Petroleum—2002
  • Alaska Steel Company—2002
  • First Bank—2002
  • Mount McKinley Bank—2002
  • New Horizons Telecom, Inc.—2002
  • Restaurants Northwest, Inc.—2002
  • The Alaska Club—2002
  • VF Grace, Inc.—2002
  • Anchorage Nissan Jeep Eagle, Inc.—2001
  • Fairbanks Nissan—2001
  • McKinley Capital Management, Inc.—2001
  • The Odom Corporation—2001
  • Allen and Petersen Company —2000
  • National Bank of Alaska—2000
  • Reeve Corporation—2000
  • Wave Wholesale Company—2000

2015 Top 49ers

             2015 Top 49er Company              2014
1 Arctic Slope Regional Corporation  $         2,663,540,000
2 Bristol Bay Native Corporation  $         1,736,084,000
3 NANA Regional Corporation, Inc.  $         1,600,000,000
4 Lynden, Inc.  $         1,000,000,000
5 Chenega Corporation  $            885,000,000
6 Chugach Alaska Corporation  $            626,000,000
7 Afognak Native Corporation / Alutiiq LLC  $            505,408,000
8 Calista Corporation  $            401,900,000
9 Doyon, Limited  $            362,816,481
10 Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation (UIC)  $            356,781,000
11 Cook Inlet Region, Inc.  $            304,421,000
12 Bering Straits Native Corporation  $            304,000,000
13 Chugach Electric Association, Inc.  $            281,318,513
14 Olgoonik Corporation  $            231,900,000
15 Koniag, Inc.  $            211,493,000
16 Udelhoven Oilfield System Services  $            198,377,193
17 Cruz Companies  $            191,860,803
18 Ahtna, Inc.  $            185,000,000
19 Goldbelt, Incorporated  $            169,063,557
20 Ravn Alaska  $            163,000,000
21 Three Bears Alaska, Inc.  $            161,254,283
22 Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc.  $            136,117,019
23 First National Bank Alaska  $            132,305,000
24 The Tatitlek Corporation  $            129,251,862
25 Construction Machinery Industrial  $            127,000,000
26 Colville, Inc.  $            125,690,815
27 Sealaska   $            121,540,000
28 Aleut Corporation  $            120,307,293
29 Matanuska Electric Association, Inc.  $            116,570,742
30 Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Center  $               97,752,543
31 MTA, Inc.  $               97,100,000
32 Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc.  $               97,000,000
33 Geneva Woods  $               95,000,000
34 Homer Electric Association, Inc.  $               92,000,000
35 Sitnasuak Native Corporation  $               88,128,089
36 Watterson Construction Co.  $               88,000,000
37 Builders Choice, Inc.  $               86,486,000
38 PenAir  $               79,700,000
39 The Kuskokwim Corporation  $               73,122,018
40 Vitus Energy LLC  $               69,000,000
41 Seekins Ford Lincoln, Inc.  $               68,469,689
42 Roger Hickel Contracting, Inc.  $               65,585,188
43 DOWL  $               64,545,000
44 Airport Equipment Rentals  $               63,212,586
45 Alaska Industrial Hardware, Inc.  $               61,300,000
46 Credit Union 1  $               56,634,026
47 Cornerstone General Contractors, Inc.  $               54,400,000
48 Tatonduk Outfitters Ltd.  $               53,150,000
49 Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union  $               49,011,797
            TOTAL TOP 49ers GROSS REVENUE  $        15,047,597,497


This article first appeared in the October 2015 print edition of Alaska Business Monthly.

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