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State Energy Profiles: 10/16/14


New July and August 2014 data for all states, 2013 data on home heating by fuel, and new information on energy on tribal lands

State Energy Profiles has been updated with new monthly data, including series for electricity, petroleum, and natural gas. Activities covered by these series include prices, supply, and consumption. In addition, 2013 annual data are provided for the share of households using natural gas, fuel oil, electricity, liquefied petroleum gases, and other energy sources for home heating.

The Analysis pages for eight states have been updated with new information on energy on tribal lands. Users can learn facts such as the following:

  • Alaska’s tribal lands have abundant crude oil and natural gas resources and contain one of the world’s largest bituminous coal deposits.
  • The Navajo reservation in Arizona has the highest percentage of households without electricity among U.S. reservations.
  • The Campo Kumeyaay Nation in California was the first tribe in the United States to develop a large-scale wind project.
  • The 2 million acre Crow Nation Reservation in Montana is underlain by one of the largest coal reserves in the United States.
  • Nevada’s Moapa River Indian Reservation is the site of the nation’s first utility-scale solar power plant built on tribal land.
  • The portion of the Navajo reservation in New Mexico is home to the Four Corners Generating Station, one of the largest electricity generators in New Mexico.
  • The Yakama tribal lands in Washington are among the top five in the nation in hydropower generation potential.
  • The Wind River Reservation in Wyoming has been producing oil and natural gas for decades.

State and Territory Energy Profiles provide Quick Facts and an analytical narrative for each of the 56 states and territories. In addition, the Profiles offer 89 key data series for each state, including state rankings for 10 of the series. To view all 56 Profiles, visit the State Energy Profiles home page.

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