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Sealaska October Update: Sealaska President and CEO Addresses Grand Camp


October 17, 2014
Sealaska President and CEO Addresses Grand Camp

Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott was invited to address the Alaska Native Brotherhood / Sisterhood (ANB/ANS) Grand Camp convention.

This was the 102nd annual convention for ANB. The ANS formed in 1926 as an auxiliary of the ANB. Delegates worked around the theme Haa Aaní (our Land), and Haa Shuká (Our Future).

Grand Camp was held October 8–11, 2014 in Petersburg, Alaska.

“In 1987, Sealaska created a $500,000 endowment for the ANB/ANS as a symbol of its incredible accomplishments on behalf of Native people. Along with the additional contributions to individual ANB Camps we have provided, Sealaska hopes we’ve created a meaningful contribution to help continue the mission of the group.”
                                      ---Anthony Mallott

Hear Mallott’s full presentation

Working Together in the Tongass National Forest

In 1992, Sealaska began investing in science to inform management of its 290,000-acre land base. The goal of the research was to ensure salmon habitat and water quality were healthy on Sealaska’s lands and to share data with stakeholders. As a result, a highly collaborative study was initiated. With the help of fisheries scientist Dr. Doug Martin and his team, Sealaska now has comprehensive data from 18 different rivers and streams on Sealaska lands. The same data will provide information to state and federal entities.

Martin will present his capstone report to the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society annual meeting in October 2014. He led the charge on examining salmon streams and habitats in Southeast for almost 20 years. Sealaska relies on him and his team of highly trained scientists who know the Tongass to provide an unbiased evaluation. Martin is a fisheries scientist and aquatic ecologist and is the principal of his own research firm, Martin Environmental. In addition to his research practice, he is an affiliate professor at the University of Washington, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. He has a Ph.D. and M.S. from University of Washington.

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Haa Aaní, LLC Interim Director

Since its inception, Haa Aaní, LLC has been tasked with the challenge of creating and expanding sustainable communities in Southeast Alaska. The mission of Haa Aaní, LLC — supporting shareholders and communities from economic, cultural and social perspectives — remains a priority amid recent changes.

“Haa Aaní, LLC’s first president and CEO, Russell Dick, announced he accepted another position outside of Sealaska,” said Sealaska President and CEO Anthony Mallott. “After 18 years, Dick says this was a difficult decision because of his commitment to the mission of Haa Aaní.”  

“I’ve appointed Ed Davis (pictured above), former Haa Aaní operations manager, as interim director,” said Mallott. “Davis is committed to his home village of Hoonah and Southeast Alaska. He has been with Sealaska for 21 years. Davis will also serve as acting executive director for the Haa Aani, LLC’s Community Development Fund Inc.”

“I want to congratulate Russell on his new path and believe he’ll do an excellent job leading Alaskan Dream Cruises,” said Davis. “Russell has orchestrated a great team at Haa Aaní, LLC and I welcome the opportunity of continuing to drive Haa Aaní’s purpose and mission in this leadership capacity.”


Haa Aani, LLC Team

(Pictured L to R) --- Anthony Lindoff, mariculture program manger, Ed Davis interim director,  Shawn Blumenshine, office administrator and Alana Peterson, economic development coordinator. Not pictured Bill Bennett, Alaska Coastal Aggregates general manager and Dennis Gray, Rocky Pass Seafoods general manager.

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