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Letter to the Editor: Uber Innovation Deserves a Home in Anchorage


Innovative ideas often don’t fit into neat, tidy boxes, but we believe innovation should have a home in Anchorage. Entrepreneurship is flourishing in places like Silicon Valley, Seattle and New York City. Why should Anchorage be any different?

We are a world-class city deserving of world-class talent. Startups and big companies are looking north to find a city hungry for innovation. Take, for example one of our newest members, Uber Technologies, the smartphone based app that is changing the way people move, work and live.

Uber operates in over 215 cities across the globe. Users love it because it seamlessly connects them to a safe, reliable and affordable ride at the tap of a button. Drivers love it because they can use their car to earn extra income with the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss.

Uber is good for riders, it’s good for drivers, and it’s good for cities. It brings communities closer together and fosters human connection. It supports job creation and economic growth. We believe this is exactly the kind of innovation the city of Anchorage needs and deserves.

Which is why we were a bit surprised to learn that city officials are trying to put the brakes on Uber. We, like many other people who are excited to welcome Uber to Anchorage, are frankly a bit puzzled by efforts to stop Uber from operating before it’s even had a chance to take off.

We built The Boardroom because we wanted to grow a community where people could live, work and play; where entrepreneurs could come together, collaborate and come up with the next big idea; where creative people could contribute to our city’s growth and spirit of innovation.

We believe Uber should be part of our community. Rather than putting up roadblocks that keep talent and ideas out, city officials should get on board, embrace innovation and recognize all the good that could come from welcoming Uber to Anchorage.

By Brit Szymoniak and Katherine Jernstrom, Owners and Founders of The Boardroom

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