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Anchorage International Film Festival Announces 2014 Films


The fabulous Craig Updegrove designed the new poster for the 2014 Anchorage International Film Festival. Craig also designed the posters for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 festivals. If you love Craig’s work or are just a fan of AIFF posters AIFF will have high quality prints for sale online and at the Bear Tooth TheatrePub.

Craig Updegrove/AIFF

10 days of world class cinema in Anchorage
December 5-14, 2014

Anchorage, Alaska – The 14th Anchorage International Film Festival (AIFF) returns in December for 10 days of excellent films from around Alaska and the world. The festival will commence on Friday, December 5 and end on December 14. On December 17 and 18 the AIFF will show award winning films from this year’s festival at our “Best of the Fest”, to be held at the Alaska Experience Theater.

2014’s program includes 109 films, including 17 narrative features, 35 documentaries, and 45 short films, from 23 countries.

Highlights of this year’s festival include our Opening Night film Wildlike;  a program of Mexican films presented again this year curated by the Mexican Consulate in Anchorage, a new program of Chinese films presented for the first time this year curated by the Confucius Institute at the University of Alaska Anchorage; presentations of Alaska archival footage by the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association and by Summit Day Media of Anchorage; the presentation by San Francisco filmmaker and film archivist Rick Prelinger  of his new documentary “No More Road Trips”;  the annual  Martini Matinee held at the Bear Tooth Theater Pub;  the annual Family Fun Day which will show  free “family friendly” films  at the Loussac Library;  the presentation of two excellent feature length films as part of our LGBT themed “Gay-La program”, One Course Discourse at the Bear Tooth to discuss Alaska’s film industry, and a number of scheduled events and presentations by filmmakers.

Jim Parker, Program Director for the 2014 AIFF, is excited about this year’s AIFF: 

“Our 2014 AIFF Programmers in all categories have done a great job of putting together a diverse program of films that we believe will please our audience, and draw new attendees to our festival.  

This year we instituted a new “Made In Alaska” category, which has resulted in an expanded program of films about Alaska. We are also extremely pleased to be able to show our audience historical Alaska footage through the participation in our festival of local archival film and preservation experts Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association (AMIPA) and Summit Day Media.  

Once again this year we have strong, eclectic, and truly international Feature Narrative, Feature Documentary, and Animation programs.

We’re pleased that this year we are able to increase the time allotted to the always popular short and super narrative films.  Finally, we wish to express our gratitude to the Mexican Consulate in Anchorage and the Confucius Institute at UAA for providing us this year with wonderful films that epitomize the tradition of great filmmaking in both Mexico and China.” 

Opening Night Film

Opening night will be at the Bear Tooth Theaterpub at 8 p.m. on Friday, December 5.

New York based filmmaker Frank Hall Green wrote the screenplay for Wildlike and filmed throughout Alaska in 2013.  He will be in attendance opening night and will be joined by noted Canadian film and TV actor Bruce Greenwood, whose films include Star Trek, I, Robot, Capote, Thirteen Days and three films made with the award winning Canadian director Atom Egoyan: the Sweet Hereafter, Exotica, and Ararat.  Also attending the opening night showing of Wildlike will be producers Julie Christeas, Schuyler Weiss and Joe Stephans.

Wildlike is an overwhelmingly beautiful and intoxicating tale of two strangers who cross paths in the wilderness of the Alaskan frontier.  Mackenzie, portrayed by the show stopping young actress Ella Purnell, is sent to live with her uncle, Brian Geraghty in an unnervingly brilliant role.  Utterly on her own, she struggles to navigate her way back to her mother in Seattle.  Her hapless journey across the last frontier changes we she begins to follow a solitary backpacker, played magnificently by the rugged Bruce Greenwood.  While the breathtaking Alaskan scenery is a sight to behold on screen, the real beauty in this film comes from the actors’ extraordinary performances. The characters are undeniable in their complete captivation of the audience.

Through Frank Hall Green’s impeccable direction, the story is brought to life with both authenticity and wonder.  “Wildlike” offers viewers an emotional and provocative film experience that exemplifies the potential caring embedded in human nature. Wildlike takes viewers on an adventure of body and soul in an emotionally captivating and provocative film experience. Woodstock Film Festival

Narrative feature Selections at AIFF 2014 are:

  • ·         6 Bullets to Hell (d. Tanner Beard, Spain, U.S.)
  • ·         Appropriate Behavior (d. Desiree Akhavan, U.S.)
  • ·         I Believe In Unicorns (d. Leah Myerhoff, U.S.)
  • ·         Kurmanjan Datka Queen of the Mountains (d. Sadyk Sher-Niyaz ,Kyrgyzstan)
  • ·         Listening (d. Khalil Sullins, U.S.)
  • ·         Mr. Intangibles (d. Ben Boles, U.S.)
  • ·         Porch Stories (d. Sarah Goodman, Canada)
  • ·         Rocks In My Pockets (d.Signe Baumane, Latvia) 
  • ·         Sacrifice (d. Michael Cohn, U.S.)
  • ·         Teacher of the Year (d. Jason Strousse, U.S.)
  • ·         The Ambassador to Bern (d. Attila Szász, Hungary)
  • ·         The Lookalike (d. Richard Gray, U.S.)
  • ·         The Secret Sharer (d. Peter Fudawski, United Kingdom, Poland)
  • ·         These Hopeless Savages (d. Sean Lewis, U.S.)

Documentary feature selections at AIFF 2014 are:

  • ·         All The Time In The World (d. Suzanne Crocker, Canada)
  • ·         Cold Love (d. Lonnie Dupre, Deia Schlosberg, U.S.)
  • ·         Coney Island: Dreams for Sale (d. Alessandra Giordano, U.S.)
  • ·         Divide in Concord (d. Kris Kaczor, U.S.)
  • ·         Emptying the Skies (d. Douglas Kass, U.S.)
  • ·         Flying Lessons With Mr. Smolin (d. Matt Checkowski, U.S.)
  • ·         Kumu Hina ( d. Joe Wilsom, Dean Hamer, U.S.)
  • ·         Last Stop, Flamingo (d. Georg Koszulinski, U.S.)
  • ·         Mala Mala (d. Dan Sickles, Antonio Santini, Puerto Rico, U.S.)
  • ·         Mississippi Milk (d. Brittany Retherford, David Rogers, Shanna James, U.S.)
  • ·         No More Road Trips (d. Rick Prelinger, U.S.)
  • ·         Quebekoisie (d. Melanie Carrier, Olivier Higgins, Canada)
  • ·         Seeds of Time (d. Sandy McLeod, U.S.)
  • ·         Shield and Spear (d. Peter Ringbom, U.S.)
  • ·         Taking My Parents to Burning Man (d. Joel Ashton, Bryant “Spry Bry” Boesen, Canada)
  • ·         The Barefoot Artist (d. Daniel Traub, U.S.)
  • ·         The Homestretch (d. Kirsten Kelly, Anne de Mare, U.S.)
  • ·         The Last Free Place (d. Madeline Basil, U.S.)
  • ·         The Stick Maker (d. Curtis Albucher, U.S.)
  • ·         The Strong People (d. Heather Hoglund, U.S.)
  • ·         ThuleTuvalu (d. Matthias von Gunten, Switzerland)
  • ·         White Earth (d. J. Christian Jensen, U.S.)

Short Film Selections at AIFF 2014 are:

  • ·         A Summerhouse (d. Federica Gianni, Italy)
  • ·         Arena(d. Martin Rath, Poland)
  • ·         Beneath the Trees (d. Kitty Mahoney, U.S.)
  • ·         Bis Gleich (Till Then) (d.Benjamin Wolff, Germany)
  • ·         Break in Reality (d. D.K. Johnston, U.S.)
  • ·         Cold War (d. Richard Gray, U.S.)
  • ·         De cómo Hipólito Vázquez encontró magia donde no buscaba
                   (How Hipólito Vázquez Found Magic Where He Never Expected To Find It) (d. Matias Rubio, Argentina)
  • ·         Enfilde (d. David Cole, Australia, Singapore)
  • ·         Entracte (d. Marielle Bautier, France)
  • ·         Four Brothers, or Three, Wait…Three (d. Philip Buiser, U.S.)
  • ·         Full Windsor (d. Faraday Okoro, U.S.)
  • ·         Given Your History (d. Molly McGlynn, Canada)
  • ·         Heebie-Jeebies (d. Todd Slawsby, U.S.)
  • ·         Into The Silent Sea (d. Andrej Landin, Sweden)
  • ·         Knock-Knock (d. Jeff Betancourt, U.S.)
  • ·         Life and Perception (d. Andre Stamatakakos, Australia, Estonia)
  • ·         Look What You Did (d. Eirin Strickland, U.S.)
  • ·         One Armed Man (d. Tim Guinee, U.S.)
  • ·         Out (d. Charles Evered, U.S.)
  • ·         Reaching Home (d. Kenneth Murphy, U.S.)
  • ·         Russian Jack (d. Jonathan Lang, U.S.)
  • ·         Samantha ’66 (d. Dan Wainio, U.S.)
  • ·         Six Dead Bodies Duct-Taped to a Merry-Go-Round (d. Kevin Bennett, U.S.)
  • ·         Speak No Evil (d. James Elden, U.S.)
  • ·         Storytelling, the movie (d. Stefanie Black, U.S.)
  • ·         Strings (d. Crystal Us, U.S.)
  • ·         The Ladder (d. Pete Fitz, U.S.)
  • ·         The Mourning Hour (d. Susan Cohen, U.S.)
  • ·         Tom in America (d. Flavio Alves, Brazil)
  • ·         Universal Language (d. Kirsten Russell, U.S.)
  • ·         Walks like a… (Arlin McFarlane, Canada)
  • ·         What Cheer (d. Michael Slavens, U.S.)
  • ·         Wrong Side Up (d. Henry McComas, U.S.)
  • ·         Zugzwang (d. Yolanda Centeno, U.S.)


  • ·         365 (d. Greg McLeod, United Kingdom)
  • ·         Indian Ate the Woodchuck (d. Brad Pattullo, U.S.)
  • ·         I Need My Monster (d. Stephen Baker, U.S.)
  • ·         Le Gouffre (d. Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chretien, David Forest, Canada)
  • ·         Moving Out (d. Sean McCarthy, U.S.))
  • ·         Ronald Gottlieb (d. Engin Karabagli, U.S.))
  • ·         Sebastian (d. Vlad Marsavin, Russian Federation, U.S.)
  • ·         Something Important (d. NaiWei Liu, U.S.))
  • ·         Speed Dating (d. Meghann Artes, U.S.)
  • ·         Wire Cutters (d. Jack Anderson, U.S.)

 Made In Alaska:

  • ·         Alaskan Earthquake Artwork (d. Kristopher Peck) (Documentary)
  • ·         Aniak to Dillingham (d. Luc Mehl) (Documentary)
  • ·         Crazy (d. Lisle Hebert) (Documentary)
  • ·         Daughters of Emmonak (d. Samantha Andre) (Documentary)
  • ·         Detective Detective Detective (d. Justin Edwards) (Feature Narrative)
  • ·         EPIC Aurora (d. Todd Salat) (Documentary)
  • ·         In The Same Boat (d. Elijah Lawson) (Documentary)
  • ·         Kaltag, Alaska (d. Daniel Levin) (Documentary)
  • ·         The Cradle of Storms (d. Bruce Lowe-White) (Documentary)
  • ·         The Empty Chair (d. Greg Chaney) (Documentary)
  • ·         The Mystery of the Copper River (d. Mikhail Malakhov) (Documentary)
  • ·         Tracing Roots (d. Ellen Frankenstein) (Documentary)
  • ·         Wildlike (d. Frank Hall Green) (Opening Night Film)
  • ·         World Beyond The World (d. Paxson Woelber) (Documentary)

 Mexican Consulate Program (Programa de Consulado De México En Anchorage):

  • ·         La Cebra (The Zebra) (d. Fernando León, Mexico) (Feature Narrative)
  • ·         Palabras Mágicas Para Romper Un Encantimiento (Magic Words To Break A Spell) (Documentary)

Shorts Films From Guanajuato International Film Festival

  • ·         Bajo El Sol (Under The Sun) (d. Aradi Palermi)
  • ·         Quince Aῆos (Fifteen Years) (d. Liliana Torres)
  • ·         Un Domingo Cualquiera (Any Given Sunday) (d. Claudia de la Cabada)
  • ·         Un Ojo (An Eye) (d. Lorenzo Manrique)
  • ·         Sin Frenos (No Brakes) (d. Pancho Ortega)
  • ·         Eskimal (Eskimo) (d. Homero Ramirez)

 Confucius Institute Program (UAA Confucius Institute): 

  • ·         Husband, Wife and The Other Man (d. Shengchen Wang) (Documentary)
  • ·         Return to Prairie (d. Liqi Yi) (Short Narrative)
  • ·         Can’t Piss (d. Xinqi Song) (Short Narrative)
  • ·         Summer Secret (d. Zeng Zeng) (Short Narrative)
  • ·         Grandfather’s Wishes (d. Yu Wen) (Short Narrative)

Anchorage International Film Festival 

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