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Today is National Weatherization Day! 2013


As the cold weather approaches, most families across Southeast are turning up their thermostats to combat dropping temperatures. For some families, however, cranking up the heat is not always an option. These families may pay as much as 20% of their annual incomes for energy. Fortunately, here in Southeast we have the LIHEAP program and the State of Alaska Weatherization program to help families stay warm!

The Regional Housing Authority’s Home Weatherization (Wx) Program provides permanent solutions to reduce the energy burden on families by installing cost-effective, energy-efficient materials and services.

Since the inception of the State of Alaska Wx program in 2008, more than 500 homes have been weatherized across Southeast Alaska by the Regional Housing Authority (RHA). In 2013 the RHA Wx program expects to weatherize more than 200 median-family income homes. In our region, to date 100 homes have received weatherization services by the RHA. In 2014 we expect to weatherize at least 200 homes. These households can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30% and in some cases save over $500 annually on their energy bills after weatherization work is completed. The dollar savings alone makes a big difference for families. In addition, weatherization makes homes warmer and safer all year round.

Individuals who meet income limits (100% Median Family Income) may apply for the Weatherization Program through the weatherization service provider in their area. Homeowners and renters may apply. The weatherization service provider will provide program services at no cost to qualified applicants.

The RHA Wx technicians use computerized energy audits and advanced diagnostic technologies, such as blower doors and duct blasters, to determine the most cost-effective measures for each home. They also assess related health and safety conditions by checking furnaces and appliances for carbon monoxide.

The Housing Authority’s weatherization work makes a difference every day for families across Southeast.

For more information:

Home Weatherization Program



Weatherization Home Rebate Program

www.akrebate.com  or call 1-877-257-3228

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