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Portman honored with North Star Award


Carl Portman

PHOTO: Courtesy of the Resource Development Council

The Resource Development Council's very own Carl Portman was the distinguished recipient of the North Star Award at the Alaska Chamber’s 54th Annual Conference, recently held in Fairbanks.

When merited, the Alaska Chamber grants the North Star Award to an individual or organization in Alaska, who through a special project, action, or concern, developed or pursued the endeavor for the betterment of all Alaska residents. These individuals or organizations provide a significant contribution to the future of Alaska.

Portman, a life-long Alaskan, was recognized for his lifetime of service in responsible resource development to support and encourage economic growth in in the state of Alaska. His efforts have benefitted not only RDC and all resource development industries, but every Alaskan as well.  He has devoted his entire professional career to responsible economic development and environmental protection, working to ensure Alaska’s resources are developed in a manner consistent with the state’s constitutional mandate of maximum use consistent with the public interest.

Congratulations, Carl!

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