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Municipal Regular Assembly Meeting


The Municipal Clerk’s Office notifies the public that the Assembly may utilize sign-up sheets for public testimony at the October 22, 2013 Regular Assembly Meeting.  The sign-up sheets will be available at 6:00 p.m. and the purpose is to facilitate public testimony on the following public hearing items: 

13.C., C.1, C.2

Ordinance No. AO 2013-109, AO 2013-109(S), AO 2013-109(S-1),  an ordinance of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly amending Anchorage Municipal Code Chapters 11.10, 11.20, 11.30 and 11.40 regarding regulation of the Permitting of Taxicabs, Limousines and Vehicles for Hire, and Licensing of Chauffeurs and Dispatch Services; amending Anchorage Municipal Code Section 14.60.030, Fine Schedule; amending Anchorage Municipal Code of Regulations Section 11.10.009, Rates and Fares; and related matters, Assemblymember Traini.



Ordinance No. AO 2013-115, an ordinance of the Anchorage Municipal Assembly repealing AO 2013-37(S-2) in its entirety, and reinstating Municipal Code Chapter 3.70 without AO 2013-37(S-2) amendments, Assemblymembers Traini, Starr and Honeman.




Public Hearing on AR 2013-262, Senate Bill 18, which includes various projects including a new multi-use facility with tennis courts, will open at the Regular Assembly Meeting of October 22, 2013. It is the intent of the Chair to continue the Public Hearing on this item until the Regular Assembly Meeting of November 5, 2013. There will be sign-up sheets available at that meeting for AR 2013-262

The Municipal Clerk’s Office will have extra staff present to assist citizens signing up to testify.  Persons signing up will be asked to legibly record their name for each public hearing item.  Names on the sign-up sheet shall be called, in order, to testify.

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