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Chugach outage update: Anchorage Cooper Landing Transmission Line Trip


At 9:55 this morning the 115-kilovolt transmission line between Anchorage and Cooper Landing tripped offline, cutting power to 2,186 metered-locations at Indian, Bird, Girdwood, Portage, Whittier, Sunrise, Hope and Summit Lake.

At 10:07, the line was re-energized between Anchorage and Girdwood, restoring power to Indian, Bird and Girdwood. 

At 10:11, the line was re-energized between Girdwood and the Portage Substation, restoring power to Portage and Whittier. 

At this time (10:57 a.m.) the transmission line remains de-energized between Portage and the Daves Creek Substation outside Cooper Landing, leaving the 213-metered locations at Sunrise, Hope and Summit Lake without power.  Chugach crews are en route the area by vehicle, and a helicopter patrol will attempt to determine the location of the problem.

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