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Begich To Alaskans: “Abandoning Bi-partisan Compromise is Unacceptable”


Pleased Democrats and Republicans in Senate Resume Negotiations, Hopes House Follows Suit

During a live telephone town hall with Alaskans across the state this evening, U.S. Senator Mark expressed his disappointment that Washington had thus far refused to move forward with a bi-partisan compromise to avoid government default and re-open the government.  However, Sen. Begich also noted that he remains hopeful for progress in the coming days because it is the right thing to do.  

“It is simply unacceptable for any elected official to think that gambling with the future of Alaska families and small businesses is a negotiating tool,” said Begich. “There are bipartisan, common sense options to get this government back on track and that is why I am pleased that Leaders McConnell and Reid have decided to marginalize these few extremists and resume talks so we can get back to serving the people.”

Sen. Begich said he remains hopeful that there will be votes Wednesday to move forward.

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