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the Harbour Report: 10-27-12 More Weekend Reading


Comment:  Dear readers usually tip us about northern energy news quickly and we try to get it out immediately, if justified.  Last week, we were first to report that the Alaska Stand Alone Gas Pipeline (ASAP) Environmental Impact Statement had been completed.  

We noted it as a historical event, a great achievement which still leaves the project and decision makers with many unanswered questions.  OUR READERS HEARD IT HERE FIRST AND HERE IS THE LINK, TO SAVE ONE FROM SCROLLING DOWN.  

We note as an additional reference that yesterday, Emily Schwing's Alaska Public Radio note mentioned ASAP's EIS publication in the Federal Register yesterday, as follows:  The Alaska Gasline Development Corporation has completed the final Environmental Impact Statement for a standalone gas pipeline project in Alaska.

The EIS was added to the Federal Register today. Scoping meetings on the project’s environmental impact have been ongoing since 2009. If built, the 24 inch, high pressure pipeline will span nearly 740 miles between Prudhoe Bay and Port Mackenzie.  -dh

We remind weekend readers to scroll down to Congressman Doc Hastings' good work below.



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