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The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Closed for Erosion Repair Just North Of Lyn Ary Park Beginning October 29


ANCHORAGE - Beginning Monday, October 29 a very short section of the Coastal Trail north of Lyn Ary Park (milepost 1) will be closed for repairs and shoreline stabilization.  During the height of the September storms that caused flooding and wind damage across the bowl, the shoreline adjacent to the Coastal Trail experienced erosion from saturated soils and flowing ground-water.  The shoreline eroded to within 6 inches of the trail.

Most of the shoreline along the trail has been protected from natural effects of the tides and weather events using large rocks.  This section of trail has not yet received this protective treatment. 

“We know this bank stabilization project presents a temporary inconvenience, but the repair is necessary to protect the safety of trail users and the structural integrity of the trail,” said John Rodda, Anchorage Parks & Recreation Director.  “Of course it is difficult to predict the severity of the weather this winter, but without the fix, continued erosion will result in a longer term closure and a substantially more costly repair.”

The trail will be closed for about one week during business hours.  During the week-long closure, Parks & Recreation asks that recreational trail users observe all safety signs, utilize a different Municipal trail or different section of the Coastal Trail and that trail commuters employ an alternate route.

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