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The Homestretch


We are in the homestretch of the campaigns and there is only a week before Election Day. 

The Alliance has put significant effort into educating the public on the impact that our member organizations and their employees have on Alaska’s economy.  In addition we have pointed out fundamental differences among candidates in legislative races in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

We have aired seven different radio spots (posted at www.alaskaalliance.com under the We Are Alaska button) over the past seven weeks and will be on the air through Election Day.  We have produced five separate direct mail pieces that have been sent to over 40,000 households in Fairbanks and Anchorage.  This weekend we plan to canvas neighborhoods and leave behind another 3,000 flyers.  If you would like to help, call 563-2226. 

Our message has been simple and clear.  The Alaska Legislature must address the key issues facing our economy.  Oil production is down, jobs are disappearing and state spending is out of control. 

Two key races where we have identified a stark difference between how the candidates would address decline are in Fairbanks District B (Pete Kelly v. Joe Paskvan) and Anchorage District G (Bob Roses v. Bill Wielechowski).  While Pete Kelly and Bob Roses both agree that we need to control state spending and reduce taxes in order to incentivize new production, both Paskvan and Wielechowski support the status quo.

Our message is having an impact, and both Paskvan and Wielechowski are attempting to distract from the main issues.  They started by trying to scare voters into thinking that multi-national corporations are trying to buy the Election in order to boost profits for outside executives and shareholders.  That is why with every communication we have made we remind voters that our organization represents Alaskan companies employing over 35,000 of their neighbors and friends.  And now negative ads have started to show up from Bill Wielechowski that deliberately misrepresents Bob Roses’ positions.

The Alliance will stay focused on our clear message and ask that you help us do the same.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to vote.  Take pride in your Alaskan industry and stand up when you hear someone say this is only about boardrooms in Houston and London.

We have a week to go before Election Day and there is still so much that can happen.  With your help we can ensure a bright future for the support industry.


Rebecca Logan
General Manager, Alaska Support Industry Alliance 
Chairman, We Are Alaska

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