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Test Your Zombie Evasion Skills While Learning Disaster Preparedness


The zombies are everywhere! Can you make it to the Human Safe Zone?
The Anchorage Public Library, Anchorage Office of Emergency Management and Anchorage Department of Health &
Human Services are hosting the Zombie Haunted Scavenger Hunt on October 20, so you can test your zombie evasion
skills and learn about disaster preparedness. Locate disaster supplies as you race your way through a zombie-infested
maze at Loussac Public Library. The goal: Make it to the Human Safe Zone with all the supplies and without contracting
zombie brain virus.

Why zombies? Because if you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you are prepared for any disaster! This community
education project uses pop-culture’s fascination with zombies to help spread the message of emergency preparedness.
Created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention several years ago, the Zombie Apocalypse scenario has
proven a wildly popular way to teach preparedness lessons.

“This is a creative, fun way to teach the same messages we have been teaching for years. People listen and learn when
it’s fun and exciting.” said Dawn Brantley, Anchorage Office of Emergency Management Emergency Programs Manager.
Along the way, survivors will learn:

What they need in a disaster supply kit and why
 About the Anchorage CDC Quarantine Station
 About MOA Public Health Emergency Preparedness Department’s role in public health emergencies
 How to avoid spreading and contracting communicable diseases
 What a Red Cross disaster shelter would look like
 How to create a Zombie Apocalypse Family Emergency Plan
 How the Anchorage Fire Department HazMat team decontaminates individuals exposed to toxins
 Where to get information before, during and after a zombie apocalypse or any disaster

The event is free, but pre-registration is required. From 3-5 pm, youth 12 and under can sign up to go through a maze that
is both fun and educational. The kid’s event will be easier and less scary, with families evading more mellow zombies in a
maze on level 1 of the Loussac Library. The teen and adult event, from 6-9 pm, features substantially more and scarier
zombies in a frightening maze on levels 1 and 3 of Loussac.

Get more information and register to participate at www.muni.org/oem. Follow the outreach campaign and get updated on
events/activities at www.facebook.com/zombiepreparednessmonth. Potential survivors who show their library cards when
signing in will receive one Zombie Repellant card to use on their journey.
If you would like to help with the event, you can sign up on the same link on the OEM website.

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