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Shell Concludes 2012 Drilling Program in Alaska



Following several weeks of safe, successful drilling at Shell’s offshore Alaska prospects, Shell has concluded its 2012 exploratory drilling programs in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.

The mandatory close of the offshore Alaska drilling window brings to an end a season in which we once again demonstrated our ability to drill safely and responsibly in the Arctic. The work we accomplished in drilling the top portions of the Burger-A well in the Chukchi Sea and the Sivulliq well in the Beaufort Sea will go a long way in positioning Shell for another successful drilling program in 2013.

In support of 2012 drilling, Shell deployed numerous assets and rotated thousands of employees to the Arctic, continuing a long history of safe Arctic operations. We are very pleased with the work we accomplished this year and look forward to picking up where we left off when the sea ice retreats next summer.


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