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Senator McGuire Calls for “Thoughtfulness about Alaska’s Oil Wealth”


ANCHORAGE- Senator Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage, is asking Alaskans to take a moment to be thoughtful of how and why Alaska’s Permanent Fund was created.    This past week hundreds of thousands of Alaskans received their $878 Permanent Fund Dividend through direct deposit and thousands more will receive their checks by mail in the upcoming weeks.

“When Alaskans see that money in their bank accounts, I hope that they will pause to consider where this wealth is coming from,” said Senator McGuire.  “The Permanent Fund was started and continues to grow because of tax revenue collected on oil production through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, which also pays for our schools, roads, public safety and other essential government services.”

That’s why Senator McGuire is encouraging Alaskans to get out and take part in ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’, which is an educational program created by Senator McGuire’s constituent Deborah Brollini.   Ms. Brollini created ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’ so that Alaskans can learn about and understand the complexities in Alaska’s oil tax laws without feeling intimidated. 

“Deborah has been working hard in the trenches - engaging Alaskans in appreciating our oil wealth and all our natural resources as well as giving our young people hope for Alaska’s future,” said Senator McGuire.   “Part of her outreach efforts has been spending time and getting to know Alaskans of all ages and getting them involved over the past six months through educational programs offered as part of ‘Thoughtful Thursdays.’”

“I encourage you to enjoy your PFD while being mindful of where the dollars come from and what we need to do to ensure that Alaska can continue to enjoy this oil wealth,” said Senator McGuire.  “In order to keep the oil flowing, which funds our government, our roads, our schools, our police and almost 90-percent of all other government services, we need to encourage more oil production.”

For more information, please contact Genevieve Wojtusik in Senator McGuire’s office at 907-269-0250.

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