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New Website Designed to Help Anchorage Veterans Select a College Program and Enhance Career Prospects


Reno, Nev. (Sept. 19, 2012) – A new website – vaeducationanchorage.com - has just been launched by Charter College providing veterans, reservists, and active duty military members with information about college programs in Anchorage, Alaska, growing Anchorage career fields, and GI Bill benefits.

The site is designed to help military members answer the following questions:

  • How much will college cost me with my particular GI benefits?
  • What programs are available and appeal to me?
  • What programs might help me get a job?
  • How long will earning a college degree take?

The website offers college program choices at Charter College’s Anchorage campus, reveals which programs are connected with the fastest growing careers in Alaska­, the average salaries for those careers, and expected growth rates in those career fields for the coming years.1 Armed with more information, veterans will be able to make the best choice for their post-military careers.

With unemployment rates lowest amongst those with college degrees, it makes sense for veterans to utilize their GI education benefit to enhance their post-military careers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates for those with advanced degrees are much lower than for those without them. In 2009, the reported unemployment rate for those with only a high school diploma was 9.7%, while those with an associate degree saw 8% and those with a bachelor degree had just a 4.4% unemployment rate.1

vaeducationanchorage.com helps veterans navigate the GI Bill maze, as well as provides links to the appropriate Veterans Affairs website. The site also highlights which college program have been most popular with veterans and which career fields veterans tend to choose.

Charter College developed vaeducationanchorage.com to help veterans and active duty military members living in Anchorage, Alaska, understand and objectively evaluate their college program options. Interested veterans can request more information about Charter College online, or call 888.573.0782 to speak with a Charter College admissions counselor well-versed in GI Bill education benefits.

1 US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS Spotlight on Statistics: Back to College, September 2010, http://www.bls.gov/spotlight/2010/college/data.htm#cps_unemp

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