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Mobile Incubator for Alaska Entrepreneurs Opening Soon: Join StartUP Country to Solve Innovation Challenges in Rural Alaska


San Francisco & Anchorage:

Startup Country is looking for intrepid problem solvers and entrepreneurs to apply now to join a mobile accelerator designing new solutions for Alaskans.

ReAllocate.org is pleased to announce the launch of its latest program, StartUP Country: Alaska. Startup Country leverages mobile technology incubators that are deployed globally at minimal cost. These innovation labs support a 10 week design, engineering, and social entrepreneurship program in which talented local individuals are coupled with panels of highly skilled volunteer experts. Participants in the program are provided with engineering tools and techniques for prototyping and fabrication and entrepreneurial support for building scalable, community-based sustainable businesses.

Submit nominations for the first round of StartUP Country: Alaska by October 17th http://reallocate.org/apply/

StartUP Country: Alaska provides a unique opportunity for ReAllocate in that many of Alaska's challenges; cultural identity, natural resource extraction issues and global climate change, mirror challenges faced by impoverished communities world wide, yet fall within our own country's borders. The goals of the project are to:

• Create a culturally relevant context for engaging talented Alaska Native individuals in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

• Spur lasting economic development through skills-based learning and the launch of real-world ventures that continue to perpetuate jobs and sustainable growth in Tribal communities.

• Produce a documentary series, “StartUP Country: Alaska” that features selected participants overcoming traditional challenges, creating sustainable business models and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

We will be filming your project pitches and discussing program design with applicants on Wednesday, October 17th after the close of the Youth and Elders Conference in


October 15-19 ReAllocate will hold roundtables and stakeholder engagement sessions at Youth and Elders conference and AFN to gather input on how to ensure the project is appropriate and successful. The events will gather community input, interest and support for the StartUP Country:Alaska program.

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