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Ketchikan Nurses Bargaining Unit reaches contract agreement with PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center


KETCHIKAN, Alaska - The Ketchikan Nurses Bargaining Unit, part of the Alaska Nurses Association Labor Program, recently completed contract negotiations and reached a new agreement with PeaceHealth Ketchikan MedicalCenter administration. Rank-and-file members of the association in Ketchikan ratified the agreement in a vote that took place on Monday, Oct. 15. The two-year agreement guarantees two separate wage increases as well as scheduling changes that will better ensure patient safety.

“We are extremely pleased that our Ketchikan nurses were successful in achieving this improved agreement that promotes patient safety and also supports the nurses’ general and economic welfare,” said Alaska Nurses Association Labor Council Chair Donna Phillips, BSN, RN. “A secure, collective bargaining agreement such as this promotes a trained and ready workforce for the community of Ketchikan and the surrounding areas.”

Beginning December 2012, members of the Ketchikan Nurses Bargaining Unit will receive a 6 percent wage increase throughout the following 16 months. In addition, the bargaining unit secured a 1 to 3 percent annualstep increase. Furthermore, the new agreement guarantees a slot on the schedule for an experienced night nurse who will float between hospital units to offer support and assistance, as needed, to fellow night shift nurses.

Members of the Ketchikan Bargaining Unit who are responsible for these successful negotiations: Ketchikan Board Vice President Kristin Fahey, RN; Board Secretary Sarah Eichman, RN and Grievance Officer Syble Doyon, RN; and 2012 negotiation team members Sharon Clarkson, RN, Ann Fama, RN and Jen MacDonald, RN.

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