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EIA Releases Expanded Version of Residential Microdata File (RECS)


EIA has released an expanded version of the 2009 RECS microdata file. This updated version contains case-level square footage, weather

(HDD/CDD), and total consumption & expenditures (C&E) values by fuel. (link to Microdata tab)

EIA has conducted the RECS since 1978 to provide data on home energy characteristics, end uses of energy, and

expenses for the four Census Regions and nine Divisions. A threefold increase in the number of households included

in the 2009 RECS offers more accuracy and coverage for understanding energy usage for all estimated States,

Regions and Divisions. 

End-use C&E estimates are still being finalized. Interested users can check the RECS website for updates on future data releases.

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