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Baker Hughes Introduces Surface Water Management Service


HOUSTON, TEXAS (October 9, 2012) – Baker Hughes today announced the launch of a service that enables operators to design high-performing hydraulic fracturing fluids using produced and flowback water. The H2prO™ water management service integrates technical expertise with chemical and mobile mechanical treatment technologies to construct water that maximizes production, minimizes reservoir damage, and reduces fresh water sourcing, storage and transportation costs.

Because water from every reservoir is different, selecting the most appropriate treatment requires a full understanding of the water’s chemistry. The H2prO service includes extensive pre-treatment analysis in which a team of scientists and engineers with expertise in production chemistry, pressure pumping, and water treatment determines the constituents in the water that must be treated—and by how much—in order to meet production requirements.

Based on this analysis and the operator’s operational requirements, application engineers choose the appropriate treatment from the extensive H2prO service portfolio. The most comprehensive in the industry, this portfolio includes options to address all major produced and flowback water contaminants, including total dissolved solids, heavy metals, total suspended solids, hydrogen sulfide, and other organic compounds.

Post-treatment analysis verifies that the treatment program has met or exceeded specifications.

Treating water at the wellsite enables operators to reduce the cost of sourcing, transporting, and storing fresh water as well as transporting, treating, and disposing of wastewater by as much as 90%.

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