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Ageya Wilderness Center Installs the Largest Residential Wind Turbine on the Kenai Peninsula (Homer Alaska)


AGEYA Wilderness Center on Skyline Drive in Homer has just installed the largest Residential turbine erected in the Kenai Peninsula. This wind turbine is 100ft tall and is capable of producing up to 11kWh in power. This turbine has already produced over 1,000kW in the first couple weeks of installation. This Gaia wind turbine has a 40ft blade and is the first Gaia installation in Alaska to date.

Ageya (pronounced uh guy’ uh) Wilderness Center, is a unique facility situated on 80 acres at the top of East Hill, overlooking the city of Homer Alaska. Ageya supports adventure-based educational programs extending out into a variety of wilderness settings based from its 80 acre site in Homer, Alaska. Ageya also hosts retreats and events

This wind turbine will now benefit this nonprofit by making the electricity for the center. Ageya Wilderness Center had an Alaskan Permaculture Design completed a few years ago by Alaska Permaculture Guild. In their design they recommended wind and a high tunnel.

AGEYA Wilderness Center will host an Open House for information and discussions about the new 100ft 11kW Gaia Wind Turbine on Saturday November 3rd noon to 4pm. Refreshments and snacks will be served. During this event Ageya Wilderness Education will also be discussing their programs and services and long term permacultureplan along with the new wind turbine and new high tunnel. Throughout the day, there will also be fun games and activities for the kids, informational discussions and refreshments.

For more information call: 907-776-7664 or by email: nadia@akwindindustries.com

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