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Last month, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved air permits for Shell to begin exploration operations in the Alaskan OCS.  This represents the third time EPA has issued permits in the past six years.  

After each previous issuance, regulatory procedures have blocked final approval and implementation.  Because the thoughtful and timely development of the Alaskan OCS is so critically important to all Alaskans and our economic partners, we urge you to review and consider joining the Alaska Chamber in signing the attached letter to President Obama. 

Jobs and opportunities across every sector of the Alaska and Pacific Northwest economy are at stake.  The Administration needs to hear loudly that we overwhelmingly support the thoughtful development of our OCS resources and what that means to Alaskans, as well as our economic partners.

We are aware that many of you have already committed your time and energy attending public hearings and signing supportive comments on the OCS, but it remains vital that this Administration continue to hear from our business and community leaders on this important issue.  We must continue to Champion Alaska's Future.  Join me today in signing onto the attached letter to President Obama.

While specific to Shell, the issue of timely and supported EPA air permits impacts all the operation in the Alaskan OCS. 

To give Consumer Energy Alliance - Alaska (CEA - Alaska) permission to use your name as a signatory on attached letter, please send an email to Dave Harbour at harbour@gci.net.  Dave is the President, Consumer Energy Alliance-Alaska.

1)     Your name

2)      Your company/organization's name

3)      Approximate number of employees

SEND INFO/PERMISSION TO BY Friday, October 7: harbour@gci.net

NOTE: If you do not wish to identify your company/organization, leave that information blank but do provide the approximate number of employees who work for your company/organization.   CEA reserves the right to make minor grammatical or cosmetic edits in the final letter. 


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