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Pebble Fund Awards $323,919 to Southwest Alaska Organizations


Fifteen nonprofit organizations, schools and villages serving Southwest Alaska have been awarded grants totaling $323,919 from the Pebble Fund, a charitable fund established at the Alaska Community Foundation through a donation from the Pebble Partnership.

An independent advisory board of leaders from the Bristol Bay region considered grant applications that further the fund’s mission to promote and enhance sustainable and healthy communities and renewable resources in the region. Applications were received for four categories: energy, education, community and economic development and renewable resources/fish.

Projects funded by this grant cycle include: an economic and design feasibility study for a non-profit fish processing facility in Bristol Bay; support for the Legal Interpreter Training Project, which seeks to increase access to critical services for residents of the Bristol Bay region; and funding for the Community Greenhouse and Garden Project in Naknek. A complete list of the awards is attached below and also available at www.alaskacf.org.

The Pebble Fund has awarded more than $3.5 million dollars in grant funds to date and has helped leverage more than $11.9 million in matching and in-kind support. The Pebble Fund at the Alaska Community Foundation is part of a five year, $5 million commitment by The Pebble Partnership to support sustainable development projects in Southwest Alaska.

Established in 1995, the Alaska Community Foundation grants more than $5 million a year to charitable projects and nonprofit organizations across the state.  ACF is comprised of more than 280 component funds and endowments, including the Seward Community Foundation, the Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund, the Anchorage Schools Foundation, the Alaska Children’s Trust and many others. ACF’s mission is to grow philanthropy and connect people who care with causes that matter. The foundation helps individuals, organizations and communities create funds that – like the Alaska Permanent Fund – provide financial resources to improve the quality of life in Alaska now and forever. For more information visit www.alaskacf.org  or call 907-334-6700.

Pebble Fund Grant Awards
October 2011

St. Nicholas Church: Church Renovation                                                                                                             $13,750
Communities Served:
Chignik Lake, Chignik Lagoon, Chignik Bay
Grant purpose: The St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church renovation project will allow the community of Chignik Lake and surrounding village residents to participate in the beautification of the church. This grant will support significant renovation and repair work. Project outcomes will include improvements to the interior of the church, landscaping and work on the cemetery, repair of the cross and managing plant overgrowth around the church and community cemetery.

Bristol Bay Quality Processors: Non-Profit Fish Processing Facility Feasibility Study                        $17,500
Communities Served:
Naknek, South Naknek, King Salmon
Grant purpose: The mission of Bristol Bay Quality Processors (BBQP) is to increase jobs and economic opportunity for local Alaska small processors, independent fishermen, and residents in the Bristol Bay area. The goal is to establish a multi-tenant, non-profit fish processing facility in Naknek that provides affordable facilities for both small and mid-sized processors It would also encourage entry into new markets and the production of value-added seafood products that could become known and in-demand for its quality. Funding from this grant will be used for a detailed economic and design confirmation feasibility study.

Bristol Bay Borough School District: Bristol Bay Community Greenhouse and Garden                        $50,000
Communities Served:
Naknek, South Naknek, King Salmon
Grant purpose: This project is intended to provide a place for the community and the school to produce vegetables, seasonings and spices that can be used by local residents throughout the year. It is the hope of the school district that in developing this space and opportunity, more local produce will be offered in the daily meals provided by the school to local students and elders. Community members will work cooperatively to develop a garden that is planted and maintained by residents much the same way small farms and other gardens have been used cooperatively for generations.

Dillingham City Schools: Rural Students Learning Without Limits                                                            $51,994
Communities Served:
Dillingham and the surrounding area
Grant purpose: Thanks to a prior grant from the Pebble Fund of the Alaska Community Foundation, the school district now has a powerful computer lab in place to provide students and community members with 21st century technology skills. With this hardware in place, the lab now needs the software and peripherals to increase its impact upon student success and employability. This project will provide a sustainable and collaborative partnership between the Dillingham City School District and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Bristol Bay Campus for teaching and training students, faculty and staff (professional development) and community members from local communities and surrounding villages.

Center for Employment Education: Construction Technology Training                                                 $37,000
Communities Served:
All communities in the Bristol Bay region
Grant purpose: The Center for Employment Education is committed to ensuring quality education to its students. The center proposes an industry-specific training program to service the needs for rural Alaskans in Southwest Alaska and the Bristol Bay Region. CEE typically conducts a seven-week construction technology training program, but for the benefit of rural participants, CEE has created an accelerated version by training six days per week for a five-week program. Grant funding will support student travel to the training facility.

RRANN/NWDP: Creating Healthcare Providers for our Communities                                                $30,000
Communities Served:
All communities in Southwest Alaska
Grant purpose: Recruitment and Retention of Alaska Natives into Nursing  and Nursing Workforce Diversity Program are committed to increasing the number of Alaska Natives and American Indians graduating with an associate of applied science or baccalaureate of science nursing degree. Alaska needs nurses and other healthcare providers, especially in rural communities such as the Bristol Bay region. As patients tend to respond more positively to providers from similar cultural backgrounds, the RRANN program is designed to help meet the need for rural health by encouraging Alaska Native and American Indian students to become nurses and serve their hometowns. This grant will support increased outreach efforts for the RRANN/NWDP program in the Bristol Bay area and contribute to the RRANN scholarship program.

Bristol Bay Borough School District: Making Our School a Better Community Center                        $8,000
Communities Served:
Naknek, South Naknek, King Salmon
Grant purpose: The goal of this grant is to increase the quality of educational programs and to be a resource for the community through school facilities that are of an equally high quality. Over the last 30 years the school has gone through many additions and renovations, but some of the equipment that supports program and community events and activities remains older and in need of replacement. This project will help update community resources such as sound equipment and chairs so the school can better serve the community and students.

Igiugig Tribal Village Council: Public Safety Housing                                                                        $13,000
Communities Served:
Village of Igiugig
Grant purpose: The Igiugig Village Council will use funding from this grant to develop a water well and water treatment services for a village public safety officer designated house to be completed by Dec. 30. It will directly serve the 72 residents of Igiugig Village. This project furthers the village’s collective mission by prioritizing safety officers who will serve the residents and visitors of Igiugig and the region at-large. The VPSO home is designed to meet best energy efficient standards.

Ugashik Traditional Village: Ugashik Community Fire Prevention                                                            $6,525
Communities Served:
Grant purpose: This grant will permit Ugashik Village to purchase a flail mower attachment for their Bobcat CT440, which was purchased with a grant from the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation. The attachment will allow workers to clear brush away from homes and buildings to help prevent fire damage. It also will be used to clear brush away from the intersections of the main Ptarmigan Road and side roads to open up visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.

Newhalen Tribal Council: Newhalen Tribal Social Network                                                            $3,000
Communities Served:
Newhalen, Iliamna
Grant purpose: The Newhalen Tribal Office is not only a workplace, but a community hub for the 190 residents of Newhalen (2010 U.S. Census), many of whom do not have Internet access or computers at home. The office serves as a community resource where people can use the computers, access the Internet, fax and print to apply for jobs, opportunities, or other necessary applications. Newhalen will use grant funds to expand the scope of its services to the community by providing dedicated computer access with Internet and printing abilities. These services will be available for locals who would like to apply for jobs, scholarships, or take Internet classes.

Igiugig Tribal Village Council: Igiugig Greenhouse Supplies                                                            $16,000
Communities Served:
Grant purpose: Through previous support from the Pebble Fund, the Igiugig Village Council has constructed a state-of-the-art community greenhouse complete with renewable energy component (three wind turbines and a wood boiler). During this time, they have worked to educate both the community and the school children in greenhouse management and other aspects of agriculture. This project will increase the efficiency of the greenhouse with overhead water sprinklers, grow lights, and better gardening supplies for all of the students and community members using the building.

Iliamna Village Council: Iliamna/Newhalen Wrestling Team                                                            $25,000
Communities Served:
Iliamna, Newhalen
Grant purpose: The Iliamna/Newhalen Wrestling Team started in 1980 as an educational tool to help students build confidence in themselves, learn the art of self discipline, set and accomplish goals, respect elders and peers and to keep a healthy lifestyle. This grant will fund travel for the team around the Bristol Bay region and Anchorage, as well as uniforms for team members.

Girl Scouts of Alaska: Bristol Bay Program                                                                                    $25,000
Communities Served:
New Stuyahok, Dillingham, Newhalen, Iliamna, Nondalton, Manokotak
Grant purpose: Through innovative asset building programs, girl scouting will positively impact girls who will be tomorrow’s leaders. Funding from this grant will allow Girl Scouts of Alaska to further reach girls living throughout Bristol Bay through community-based day camps and year-round programs led by local volunteers. Currently the Bristol Bay region is underserved by Girl Scouts of Alaska and it is a priority to better serve this region. This project anticipates that over 125 girls in five Bristol Bay communities will benefit directly from a week long day camp based in each community.

Alaska Immigration Justice Project: Legal Interpreter Training Project                                                $24,150
Communities Served:
Dillingham and the surrounding area
Grant purpose: The Alaska Immigration Justice Project, in partnership with the UAF Bristol Bay Campus, designed this project to augment professional interpreter training – with a focus on legal interpreting – for bilingual Bristol Bay residents. It will build the region’s capacity to ensure language access to critical information and services for residents with limited English proficiency.

City of Nondalton: Office Equipment Replacement                                                                        $3,000
Communities Served:
Grant purpose: This grant will be leveraged with city funds to update aged office equipment that is in need of replacement. City employees will have computers and related accessories that are efficient and up-to-date, which will allow for better service to the community. Old computers that are still in working order will be reformatted and made available for public use


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