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NEA-Alaska Thanks Senator Murkowski for Leadership on Crucial “No Child Left Behind” Amendments


NEA-Alaska President Barb Angaiak is releasing the following statement as the U.S. Senate continues their mark-up process on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, more commonly referred to as "No Child Left Behind."  Through her leadership on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension committee, Senator Lisa Murkowski has been a leading figure in this process.

"We thank Senator Murkowski for the positive impact she is having on public schools and educators in Alaska," said Angaiak.  "I have been informed of your amendment that provides flexibility to teachers of Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian languages, and NEA-Alaska commends you for your determination to stand strong even in the face of pressure from your colleagues.  Alaska's educators thank you."

President Angaiak represents the organization's 13,000 Alaskan members, making it the state's largest union.


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